January 17th: National Day of Tulip

For most of us it may seem a little 'soon but in the country of tulips, Holland, it is not. On 17 January, in fact, we celebrate the national day of the tulip and so it opens the season dedicated to these beautiful flowers which will end in April and May.

Dam Square in Amsterdam will be set up giant flower bed where everyone can pick their own tulip or a whole bunch giving away the largest "traffic" of flowers in the world. The day dedicated to this wonderful flower is organized every year by the Dutch growers and with the grass-plot packed with colorful tulips, will be set up other activities and entertainment. The tulip, moreover, is not only a national symbol but also a source of great gain and good image of the country in the world. It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion Tulips cultivated in a Holland will be exported to decorate homes all over the planet!

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