Blooming in Castelluccio di Norcia

Does not exist a real day when you can predict the bloom in the Plain of Castelluccio because, almost always, everything depends on the performance of the season and the subsequent evolution of the spring in this colorful corner of our country.However, the best time to admire this wonder is between late May and mid-July when daffodils, violets, poppies, clovers, gentialellas, buttercups, daffodils, shamrocks and other flowers, color the meadows of this plain of various shades , interrupting the routine of the pastures.

The lentil

Traditional legume with an ancient history, is the place and its most popular products.

It is produced in limited quantities and therefore is in high demand but also of excellent quality.

In late winter (here lasts until March), the farmers start plowing and sowing, and then on May 1, the older ones, turning the fields performing ancestral rites to protect drought lentils, locusts, fire and storms. Then planted in each field of crosses made of olive branches and scatter the coals fields blessed and holy water.

After about a month the meadows begin to bloom and finally the flowering period of the plain that fills the entire area colors.

In July it is harvested lentils and August draws threshing.



In the heart of the National Park of Monti Sibillini, Castelluccio di Norcia is a unique piece of history, legends, nature, colors and, why not, clean air ...

As all of Umbria is worth a visit, especially to see what people like us, living in large cities, a little 'you're forgetting: the beauty of the small places of a wonderful country like Italy that too often we skip for now make room for unnecessary commitments.


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