The little twig that became grapes

It will be a bit more than a year and in my little garden growing different grapes. I say a year because last spring there was nothing, or rather, there was only a twig in a vase on which I did not do much reliance.

And I was wrong!

Before I moved to the sun and then I started to see some little leaf, when towards the end of September it was filled with so many leaves, I thought it was time to plant it in the garden.

Stripped almost completely during the winter, I thought I had reached its end after the first cold season, however, There he is again reborn with the first warm days of spring.

To make him way to the stars I thought to take a bow on which he could climb and now lives stands at a height of ca. 2 meters. To protect it from the diseases we sprayed a little 'verdigris we never forget to water this tree full of life, just a year ago, it was a small stick almost lifeless ...


Pruning is essential to adjust size, shape and strength, but should be done only after collecting these grapes ... Wait anyway in January

Today, after about two years, the arch is all full of leaves and the grapes have become so ... who knows what will grow again ...



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