Meaning and cultivation of the dahlia

As the story goes, Dahlia, as well as a unique flower and a nice, was introduced in Europe in 1600 and since then, thanks mainly to the hands of breeders, was designed and reproduced in different colors and shapes, and more and more fascinating.

As well as its beauty, although its meaning has changed and has been modified over time so that if initially this flower symbolized above all the dignity and gratitude, now has become the meaning of affection, not by the power of love or too binding. It may therefore give to someone who is held especially to show affection, not that this person represents a love or a deep emotional bond


Dahlia first needs throughout a sunny or semi shaded, for that, when you choose a place where to put the tuber of this flower are looking for a place where it will receive at least a bit 'of sunshine for a few hours a day. Almost all kinds of dahlia are planted in late winter except those resistant to cold, but always better make sure the tubers do not suffer the temperatures are too low ...

Once planted in the soil your tubers, watered regularly, avoiding the formation of puddles, until your dahlias do not begin to bloom, decreasing slightly over time.

Prima dell'inverno abbiate cura di recuperare i tuberi sotterrati se volete che questi durino più tempo e riproducano ancora nel corso degli anni.


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