Keukenhof 2017: events, dates and photos of the Dutch park

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Also this year we present a preview  of one the most awaited spring events and loved by all the people of flower lovers and gardeners.

From 23rd March to 21st May 2017 it's possible, as every year, visit the scented Dutch park full of flowers, colors and inspirations from which to take a leaf to decorate any garden.

800 varieties of tulips in 32 hectares of land will provide the backdrop to a park that is visited every year by millions of people from all over the world!

The program

The first weekend (March 25th to 26th) will be dedicated to the music, while from March 31st to April 2nd will be days dedicated to the Dutch heritage (Holland Heritage Weekend).

On 7-8th and 9th April you find the flower markets within the park, on 22nd will be time of the unmissable Bloemencorso, well-known floral parade in which one might temporarily leave the park.


Its starts again in May with the Food and Flower festival in the weekend of 6th and 7th, and then continue on 13rd and 14th with Romance Keukenhof, a weekend for all lovers.

The last weekend will be dedicated to the Flower & Fashion Festival



How and where

The Keukenhof Park is located near Lisse in a region dedicated to the cultivation of tulips. It 'easy to reach both by car and by public transport from all major Dutch cities: Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport are constantly served in a manner that facilitates all the passionate in their movements while smaller nearby cities such as Haarlem, Leiden or Noordwijk, have good connections to the park.

And 'possible to buy the bus ticket + entrance directly on the website park before leaving , saving something.

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Useful tips

There is no better time to visit the Keukenhof park because, like all gardens, the evolution of flowering is also dependent on temperature. Clearly, here they are working the best gardeners in the world so you will always find beautiful flowers, but if you come for the tulip fields around, you should evaluate the progress of the seasons. Some years the tulip fields may already be cutted in early May, others, with springs colder, you might find the tulips in full bloom in late April.



Regarding accommodation, there are very cute small cities such as Haarlem where you can stop and see the arrival of Bloemencorso. Amsterdam certainly provides a lot but do not underestimate the small towns like Leiden, Noordwijk and above Haarlem. They hide many secret that traditional tourists ignore


More infos

Official Park website:

Dutch public tranport:

Flower Parade ( Bloemencorso):



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