Bloemencorso 2017: the most beautiful floral parade in the world

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From 19 to 23 April 2017 will take place in the Netherlands the Bloemencorso 2017, the now famous flower parade in the world. Theater of the great parade, as usual, will be the Bollenstreek, the wonderful area of Randstand littered with colorful fields of flowers and known for the cultivation of bulbs. Here, in the wide flat plains crossed by placid canals and between solitary windmills, where time seems to flow more slowly, spring is a real explosion of colors when the tulips bloom and the countryside is transformed, as if by magic, in a vibrant painting.

The Bloemencorso is in fact known as the symbol of spring. No other parade is able to enclose so many colors and perfumes.

The spectacular parade of floats, this year, will follow a 40-kilometer route between rich countryside and tranquil villages of this part of Holland, Noordwijk, near the coast of the North Sea, heading north to the beautiful Haarlem.

A long tradition in the sign of love for flowers


Devised after World War II, with the intent to revive the spirit of the population, after the hard years of war, this event saw the participation at the beginning of a small number of floats, during the following decades, has gradually increased, thanks also the voluntary contribution of many citizens. Today the floral parade includes about twenty floats and more than forty vehicles, richly decorated with colorful flowers.


The preparation of the floats, which will involve volunteers from  19 to 21 April, is a real ritual that traditionally takes place in a large shed in the town of Sassenheim, positioned along the parade route. The rules to be observed, for the more than 500 volunteers that decorate the floats, are scrupulous and the long and meticulous workmanship. The real stars of the festival, the typical flowers of this region, are donated by local producers: it is a triumph of hyacinths, hydrangeas, gerberas, but, above all, the wonderful tulips, a symbol par excellence of the Netherlands.

The route from Noordwijk to Haarlem


The Bloemencorso 2017 will begin the evening of Friday, April 21st, with the suggestion of illuminated floats through the streets of Noordwijkerhout. Saturday, April 22nd at 9:30 floral parade will depart from Noordwijk and will march to Haarlem. After crossing Voorhout, Sassenheim, where it will be prepared a convenient stage for the spectators, and Lisse, the flower floats will stop at Keukenhof, one of the most amazingly floral gardens in the world. The bands of different places villages along the way will accompany the parade, to make the party even more cheerful and fun. Many are viewers who do not want to miss this wonderful show, unique in its kind. It is estimated that, in the edition of 2016, at least one million people have attended the Bloemencorso. The parade will continue to the north: Crossed Hillegom, Bennebroek and Heemstede, the festive procession of flowers Bloemecorso will arrive finally in Haarlem, where, around 21:30, a large crowd will greet illuminated floats.

Sunday morning the fantastic flower sculptures will remain on display in the great square oudegracht.

During the days of Bloemencorso 2017 will be organized in all the shows and themed events area, a great public festival dedicated to flowers and colors of spring.


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