Lemon festival in Menton: programs and colors of a unique event

(pictures by tourism office of Menton)

The Menton Lemon Festival is the most extraordinary spectacle, and blazing sunny that animates the Côte d'Azur. The famous carnival of lemons originated during the first national exhibition of citrus, scheduled event in the carnival of 1929, and for which he was created an installation of so incredible fruit to soon become the main attraction of the entire event. So in 1933 the Lemon Festival is detached from the traditional carnival of Menton and became what we know today: the unmissable event that involves every year thousands of tourists. The Lemon Festival is a festival theme and this year, for the eighty-fourth edition, the theme is Broadway. Wagons, events, gigantic installations composed entirely of citrus will be inspired to musicals and the stars who made them famous, with many musical performances. With 140 tons of citrus in all, the lemon festival of impressive tones: they are every year about 240,000 people attending the event, a veritable flood of visitors who goes from event to event, to visit the Biovès beautiful gardens, which on this occasion are transformed becoming the famous Garden of Lights, animated by artistic lighting and concerts.

From 'February 11th March 1st 2017, the Lemon Festival welcomes its visitors with thousands of activities themed Broadway, reproducing the sets of the most famous musical films, such as the yellow brick road of "The Wizard of Oz." The Garden of Lights opens its doors on Friday, February 10 at 20.30, to dazzle again, the setting of the sunset, with its magic of lights, fairy-tale atmosphere and its colossal sculptures made from citrus seven hundred and fifty in all. To support the event, as every year, there will be an Exhibition of Crafts Mentonese, hosted by the Palais D'Europe.

The festival program is well structured, rich in events: February 11th opens, with a first stop at Biovès gardens and visit the colossal installations themed citrus. The event will continue on February 12th with the Parade of Golden Fruit, in which visitors can admire the magnificence of the sun's colors, strong scents, the huge themed floats from the spectacular achievement unforgettable, unique and special, as products entirely with citrus fruits. These events have a daily basis, to allow all visitors to be able to watch the shows at any time, morning and evening.

The impressive art installations are carried out by 300 workers at a time, which include citrus fruits one by one second compositional techniques that are handed down from the past century and whose inhabitants are particularly proud of Menton. Thanks to these extraordinary compositions, Biovès Gardens will play the beautiful colors of the sun, creating a dazzling landscape, the view that captivates and enchants the audience. the majesty and grandeur of the structures kidnap the gaze, while the lemon fragrance envelops the whole garden, making you immerse in the solar atmosphere of joy. In 2015 the artists of Menton fruit managed to achieve even an incredible Chinese pagoda made entirely of citrus and the size of a house, with a lot of oriental garden. The Menton Lemon Festival is a must-see, able to create awe and wonder, to entertain children and adults, especially during the Parade Of The Sun, a parade of floats and masked groups from the historic heart of the city branches out to reach the Sunny Bay beach, offering the grand finale. This is the most similar to the traditional carnival parade, where the carts citrus move through the streets, parading accompanied by professional dancers in choreography and really spectacular costumes, in a flurry of confetti and streamers.

Do not miss the beautiful night parades accompanied by fireworks, which represent the most insane side of this carnival and are particularly appreciated by the adult audience. A flicker of eccentricity overwhelms the country during the night, when, surprisingly, the first fireworks light up the sky, marking the beginning of a parade full of fire, light and heat.

The Lemon Festival of Menton is therefore an appointment not to be missed, with attention in order to welcome you and make you dream with the magic and the colors of the sun.


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