Orticola 2017: all about the Milan exhibition market

This year Orticola brings a breath of nature, color, fragrance and beauty in Milan. the resale of tickets are already open for the exhibition / market, which will be held May 5 to 7, and that will see the best nurserymen and gardening experts present their most beautiful plants. The exhibition will be staged at the Indro Montanelli Gardens and the proceeds will go to cultural, social and aggregating acts to preserve and safeguard the national and local flora.

What is Orticola?

Horticultural is a non-profit organization that deals with supporting the importance of public parks. Orticola been fighting for years to educate people to respect the natural gardens and spaces and the aim is to get the greenest areas in big cities. In this regard, it is requested the collaboration of important nurserymen and experts of plants and flowers, which lend themselves to present, during the exhibition, their best results. Exhibitors will come from all over the world, in which stand one can admire unusual plants and flowers, special fruits, original compositions and countless species of vegetables, plants and flowers. A feast for the eyes and an opportunity to expand their botanical knowledge, thanks to the availability of exhibitors to share their knowledge and to information guides distributed free at the fair.

Not to be missed

The greatest curiosity about this Orticola 2017 event focuses on the various species of flowers and plants, spontaneous or naturalized, that nurserymen from around the world will bring in a vision and exposure. The theme this year is "The Italian plants to the Italian garden" and effectively emphasize the beauty of Italian flowers and ornamental plants that grows wild in our country. Great expectations for new, talented young nurserymen, already announced and that arouse much curiosity. Among the most interesting, a young man who will bring plants extremely rare tropical fruit, including a specimen of Theobroma cacao, an unknown fragrant plant, also used in herbal purpose, from the many quality. A young man eagerly awaited other is a super rewarded hybridization sample of roses, this year, it will bring the newfound exposure and renewed beauty of its unique flowers.

The big news

Among the news announced, of which rumor, this range includes last year's winner, French nurseryman who dedicates his life to travel the world in search of new plants. This year will stand an incredible collection of rare plants, found in France, Italy and Spain and some typical of the sunny and warm areas of Arizona and California, as well as a selection of Moroccan plants, which aroused great curiosity and excitement. It will also be presenting another nurseryman awarded last year, this year, it will delight guests with a roundup of wild orchids, that most of the fans of the genre can not wait to admire.


Where, how and when
The exhibition/market of Orticola  will be open from  5th to 7th May and from 9.30  to 19.00. It lies at the Public Gardens Indro Montanelli and Piazza Cavour in Milan

more Infos: www.orticola.org

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