VII Festival del Verde e Paesaggio di Roma: Anticipations and photos of the 2017 edition

The seventh edition of the Green Festival and Landscape of Rome promises to be one of the last few years the most interesting and innovative from all points of view. The themes of the festival are varied and interesting as one of the main topics, that is, urban greenery, is all about ever closer, especially at a time when big cities are getting more and more polluted and not just in the aesthetic level becomes more and more necessary the presence of plants, flowers and trees within an urban context.

From 19 to 21 May 2017, the Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma, will become a true green forest in which industry experts such as nurseries, gardener, landscaper, university professors, journalists and many others will be able to compare Themes at the center of the event, while visitors will have a unique and unforgettable opportunity to secure rare and unusual plants, while at the same time gardening courses or, why not, taking advantage of the opportunity to seek advice from experts.

Anticipation about the Roman festival

Olmi, wild cherry, oak, ash, poplar among them will be green glades places and sensory pathways in which visitors can stop or walk. This will be, in short, a Bosco per Roma, a project by Fabio di Carlo, with Benedetto and Gaetano Selleri, realized by Euroambiente and Vivai Margheriti, to which will also collaborate the Academy di Belle Arti di Roma, with the architecture of Renzo Piano and whose extension will be from Viale de Coubertin to the heart of the Cavea. The aim of this project is to stimulate debate on the regeneration of urban green favoring the perception and usability of such a challenging and picturesque setting within the urban area.

The relationship between music and plants will be celebrated by Aria, a musical garden signed by Vittorio Peretto and realized by Luca Agostini of Plants Mates. A tribute to combine the Auditorium's vocation with the theme of the Festival, "a way-says Peretto-to open a dialogue with people's lives and to conquer beauty."

WEGARDEN-Giardini mobili: The idea of creating a garden for a day, a week, a month, where before there was a parking lot, created this joint project between the Festival and the Linea Giardini of Andrea Veglianti. Old containers have been used to make gardens and garden furniture with wheels, to use for various parties, events, gardens or fittings. The first two prototypes will be presented at the Festival of Rome.

Other Gardens, Competitions and Exhibitions:


  • Giardens: Garden designers, architects and industry professionals will indulge in the creation of vertical gardens, waterless gardens, urban gardens, veranda roofs, flowered meadows, bamboo forests and more.
  • Nurseries: The Roman Festival will be an unmissable opportunity to discover the quality of Italian botanical production: clematis, roses, water lilies, fruit plants, climbers, citrus, aromatic, herbaceous, hydrangea, maples, etc.
  • Creative Adventures Constes: The theme of the competition will be Giardini in Viaggio and, precisely from this, five groups of landscaped will have to "challenge" by setting as many temporary gardens. Plants can move by wind, sea, clouds, oceans, animals or objects, while the most dreadful, they can also develop aerial roots by moving themselves.
  •  Balconi per Roma contest: For the 7th year the Festival devotes a space to this event dedicated to the Under 30. Balcons are a private and public space because they belong to the single citizen who contribute, simultaneously, to better the appearance and the environment of the city where They are located. The Festival selects the most suggestive and poetic proposals among those received, to stimulate the visitor to make his space better.
  • Contest short story under the leaves: Writing contest addressed to anyone who wants to engage in short stories about landscapes seen or invented.
  • Exhibitors and Craftsmen: Antiques, modernity, creative objects, design. Any solution created for the outdoor spaces that is presented at the Festival can be perfect for gardens, terraces and balconies.
  • Meeting Area A green agenda of the city where to discuss and create future ideas, projects or workshops on the theme of the Festival.
  • The School Festival: Various gardening courses, in-depth tutorials or basic courses for neophytes. At school, everyone can attend the courses free of charge for the duration of the Festival.


Where, how when

Festival del Verde e del Paesaggio

Dal 19 al 21 Maggio

Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma

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