Harborea 2017: festival of plants and gardens overseas

Also back this year to bloom - it must be said- the festival of plants and gardens overseas: Harborea 2017. For the seventh year in a row, the Livorno event will give all visitors an explosion of colors and of flavors, plants, flowers, vegetables, spices of all kinds up to organic food products.

The scheduled dates are 13th, 14th and 15th October 2017, three days of exhibitions, events, culture and information organized by the Garden Club Livorno and the City of Livorno, in the splendid setting of the nineteenth century park inside Villa Mimbelli


What can lead a group of people lover of nature, greenery, gardening and botany to organize a festival to promote the beauty of flowers and plants, to rejoice together and to spread the seed of awareness to all curious and interested ? Two words: passion and sharing. It is the willingness to share, in fact, that made the first steps in this event, which in that far 2009 has now found unity of purpose between the Garden Club Livorno and the Department of the Municipality. But if the sharing was the spark, the passion has been - and is still - the fuel that has taken off this initiative: the energies in the field are largely the result of a genuine gift of volunteering, with people who not only dedicate their time to the noble intent of sensitizing them to nature's themes and healthy living, but they pour the result into cultural projects for the protection of local historical assets. A victory for everyone.


Each year this florivivian exhibition has several surprises in terms of guests, events and cultural entertainment.
The threads accompanying each edition are essentially two:
- Exposure that includes green in the narrow sense, from herbs to exotic plants passing through flowers and seeds
- the exhibition on garden furniture and organic food and wine related to typical products to be rediscovered

During the three days it will embark on a journey of experience and knowledge, where three stages are planned: the roses, the Livorno bazaar of the Mediterranean and the path from the garden to the table. An appointment not to be missed.


Here is a summary of the information that may help you to participate in the most green event in Tuscany (for updates, please visit www.harborea.com or www.gardenclublivorno.com):

- How much is the ticket? For the full one day, the price is 5 Euro (VAT included) but it is possible - and convenient - to take advantage of the subscription: with only 10 Euro you can visit the exhibition calmly along all three days.

- Are there discounts and / or reductions? Absolutely yes! In addition to the opportunity of subscription, consider that children up to 14 years old and disabled with accompanying person can enter free of charge.

- Is it worth buying ticket / subscription? Yes, for two valid reasons.
The first is that the proceeds will be donated for the restoration works of the Villa Mimbelli Park, which generously hosts the event.
The second is that the exhibition attracts thousands of visitors every year: there will be a reason why ?! ;-)


Harborea 2017, will be in Livorno, Via San Jacopo In Acquaviva - 57127 Livorno (LI)

13rd-14th-15th October 2017

 More info: http://www.harborea.com/

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