"The colors of the forest, flowers and herbs in the herbarium Fabani" at Villa Carlotta from 16th september to 5th November

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To celebrate the ninetieth anniversary, Villa Carlotta hosts "The colors of the forest, flowers and herbs in the herbarium Fabani", an unmissable exhibition that tells and describes the existing species in the undergrowth territory and foothills areas of the Province of Como, through a collection of plants and flowers collected between 1907 and 1938 by physician Giuseppe Fabani in the territory of Como, Valtellina and Switzerland.

For the occasion 60 of the 3000 tables of the entire collection were selected, divided into sections and classified according to

to the natural environment of origin: undergrowth, cloak and margin.

Another section is dedicated to the species used by the population for food and herb. Do not miss the days of the exhibition, with the participation of the Valcava Alpine Garden of Madesimo and pastry chef Stefano Franzi on opening day that will illustrate to the public how to recognize wild herbs that can be used in cooking and how to obtain tasty dishes. The activity will be returned to families and schoolchildren during the opening period.

A small booklet was born from the project, which the audience will find on display and can take home to experience the kitchen with spontaneous herbs firsthand.

The Garden of Villa Carlotta

The most favored position that Villa Carlotta places on Lake Como exalts even more the beauty of the park and the beautiful gardens that can be admired here.
Large terraces surrounding the villa and descend slightly to the lake, are colored with geometric flower beds, hedges and citrus trees.
There is no shortage of flowers here illuminating and coloring the 8 hectares of the visitable park: camellias and azaleas are the most admired in the gardens of the villa while walking in the park is impossible not to notice the rhododendron forest, a truly unique environment if considered the environment where it is located.
The bamboo garden, covering an area of about 3000 square meters and collecting 25 different species, is the must-see for those who love this kind of plant in an environment characterized by the presence of waterfalls, streams and the harmony created between the water and this unique plant.

The agricultural tools museum can not be missed as long as you keep alive the memory of a passion, that of gardening, plants and flowers, which has always been fundamental to man's life. Rich in tools used by the garden gardener of the Villa, the museum is located in the greenhouses, where a part of the lemonade wood structure is used.

Where, how, when

I colori del bosco. Fiori ed erbe spontanee nell’erbario Fabani

 Villa Carlotta, Via Regina, 2 - 22016 Tremezzina - Loc. Tremezzo, Como - www.villacarlotta.it tel. (+39) 0344 40405 segreteria@villacarlotta.it


 16th September -5th November 2017

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