Menton Lemon Festival 2018: Program and colors of the French event

We are already at the 85th edition of Lemon Festival, yet every year we are still enchanted by the incredible "works" made with lemons and oranges in this delightful little town overlooking the Côte d'Azur.

The  History

It all began in 1928 when, in the gardens of one of the most beautiful hotels in Menton, the Palace of the Riviera, wicker baskets full of citrus fruits and flowers painted in gold and money were offered at the request of the director.

The idea liked it and was resumed in 1934 with the name of the Lemon Festival and a much more carnival spirit.

In 1935 the festival expanded to 3 days, while in 1936 it was a 6-day holiday and a new location, namely the Biovès Gardens, the heart of the Menton tourism.

The aim of the Festival was to show all the species of local produce and also the flowers that grow in the gardens of Menton.

Several years later, in 1953, the first V-shaped and circular metal structures appeared, giving way to the verticality and the first large size projects made with lemons and oranges.

Each year it was a new idea, and 1955 was the introduction of music, while in 1957 the first true motifs made with citrus were made!

Since 1959 citrus fruits have been kept together with the structures by an elastic system, thus allowing a more homogeneous system of "works".

It will be in the '70s that there will be new big changes: between the two parts of Biovés Gardens is created a link passerelle and, since 1978, the duration of the Festival is extended to two weeks. This means that the turnout record arrives in 1983 to 100,000 visitors and that in the 1990s for the creation of the Limone Festival, it takes about 130 tons of citrus to make the imposing scenery that day and night protagonist at related events and organized around the city.
Since 1993 the Limone Festival (in French) has also become a registered trademark.

The 2018 program

  • The Festival of lemons will be held from February 17th to March 4th 2018. It will be possible visit the creations made with citrus fruits during the whole period of the Festival, at Biovès Gardens (main entrance opposite the Casino Barrière).
  • Sundays  February 18th-25th  and March 4th March: Golden fruit parades at Promenade du Soleil (waterfront) from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm.
  • February  17th, 23th and  March 2nd 2018: Gardens of light, Gardens Biovès - Main entrance in front of Casino Barrière from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm (it is advised not to arrive after 9.30 pm, as the visit takes at least one hour!)
  • Thursday, February 22nd and March 1st, 2018: Night-time Parades, Promenade du soleil (waterfront), from 9 pm to 10.15 pm

Where, how, when

The 85th Lemon Festival will be held in Menton, on the French Riviera, France, from 17 February to 4 March 2018.

Tickets for access to all events can be purchased directly on the official website of the event (eng, ita and fra)


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