January 20th 2018: the national Tulip day in Holland

In Dutch it is called tulpen tag and, for national growers but also and especially for lovers around the world of this beautiful flower, the day when the official opening of the tulip season is celebrated.

From here, in Dam Square in Amsterdam, a season ranging from January to the end of April when the last tulips are usually harvested (according to the season's performance, it may also be in early May).

Dam Square is filled with hundreds of thousands of colorful tulips, where anyone can enter and collect a bunch of flowers before they, together with the nearly 2 billion who enter the market, go around the world decorating homes and living people of every place.


Where, how, when
The national day of the Dutch tulip will take place in Dam Square, Amsterdam, on Saturday, January 20th, from 1 pm to 5 pm ca. 

More info: www.tulpen.nl ( dutch)


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