Not only sea: Giardini d'Autore back in Rimini on March 16th, 17th and 18th, 2018

Back again this year, the long-awaited edition of Giardini d'Autore of Rimini, now reached its 19th edition, is preparing to open the long series of events dedicated to the green, the colors of flowers and gardening in general. But not only. Because at the Federico Fellini Park in Rimini will be hosted every type of plant such as aquatic plants, tropical plants, ancient fruits, shade plants, unusual shrubs with early spring bloom, hellebores, succulents, climbing plants, historic and ornamental citrus, edible plants and many other plant curiosities.

All this means, with the additional presence of garden designers, landscapers, artisans and many dedicated events, the opportunity to enjoy and take full advantage of three days entirely dedicated to the green, in which to learn and make new experiences as well, of course, look for and find many objects and products derived from plants and flowers or even seeds, bulbs, plants and flowers perfect to decorate our spring garden.


The program

(from the website www.giardinidautore.net)



10:00 am Opening of inauguration of the 2018 spring edition of Giardini d'Autore

11:00 am Orto.bio
Laboratory on the realization of the garden with biological methods. Curated by Alberto Strapazzini Srtaverde

11:30 am Natural Flower
Laboratory to learn how to create eco-chic decorations with plant materials recovered from the forest by Stella Passerini

12:00 am "Green Notes" - We know the Camellias collection
with the General Camellia's nursery

1:00 pm Repotting, pruning and twisting of the Bonsai
Laboratory organized by the Bonsai Emilia Romagna association

2.00 pm "Green Notes" - We know the collection of succulents
With the Pungivendolo nursery

2.30 pm "Nests in the spring"
Decoration workshop with plant materials recovered from the wood by Stella Passerini

3:00 pm Floral Tours Gardens, nature and flowery Cornish coasts
Erica Vaccari will lead us on a slow journey to discover the wild beauty of the legendary coasts of this unique land with particular attention to the spectacular blooms of Camellias, Rhododendrons, Azaleas and the famous Bluebells that dye with blue whole woods. Meeting at the Care of Erica Vaccari Tour Operator Floral Travel

3.30 pm From the Seed to the Seed
Laboratory for children to discover and cultivate hemp. Organized by Romagna Canapa

4.00 pm Chips and Flower
Laboratory of drying of fruit and vegetables by LabLab

4.30 pm "Green Notes" -We find the Ellebori collection
With Vivaio La Montà

4.30 pm Fables under the tree
Laboratory for children
5.00 pm "If Italy is my garden"

Giancarlo Marconi, in collaboration with Il Mignolo Verde, presents his latest book published by Officina Naturalis


9.30 am "Green Notes" - We know the collection of grasses and plants for spontaneous gardens -
With the Central Park Nursery

10.00 am Floral Tours "Dutch Wave"
A journey to discover the contemporary Dutch style of making a garden based on the use of perennial and grassy herbaceous colonies. Erica Vaccari will guide us on a journey to get to know another way of making a naturalistic garden. Meeting at the Care of Erica Vaccari Tour Operator Floral Travel.

10:30 am "Green Notes" We know The Mind Collection
with Vivai Fratelli Gramaglia

11:00 am "The garden in a shell"
Garden decoration workshop by Chiara Fantini Fazenda

11:30 am The repotting, pruning and twisting of the Bonsai
Laboratory organized by the Bonsai Emilia Romagna association

12:00 am "The butterfly garden"
Vivai Valverde, in collaboration with the SciaraNiura landscape architecture firm, presents the butterfly garden

1:00 pm "The art of Ikebana"
Demonstration course of Ikebana art with Claudia Acquarone

2.00 pm "Semi.Curiosi"
laboratory to discover curious seeds and vegetables by Mondo Natura Innovative plants

2.30 pm "Green Notes" - We know the collection of lavenders -
With the Nursery Angelo Paolo Ratto

3.00 pm "In the garden with Francesca Marzotto Caotorta"
Starting from his book "All'ombra delle Farfalle" and his great experience Francesca Marzotto Caotorta, writer, landscape designer and expert Italian garden expert, will lead us along a path to think and create a garden suggesting gimmicks and little tricks, recommending plant species and unsuspected combinations of shapes and colors, telling experiences, anecdotes and curiosities.

3.30 pm Departure of the Cultural Walk Discover Rimini
from Parco Fellini to Castel Sismondo through the Piazza sull'Acqua at the Bridge of Tiberius with Michela Cesarini Discover Rimini - Info and reservations required 333.7352877 Meeting point Fontana dei Quattro Cavalli Cost 8 euro per person

16:00 17:30 "Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers"
Matrioska Academy Laboratory
Imagine picking flowers and herbs in the fields, composing a dish with those colors still in the eye, inviting a friend to dinner and proposing that dish and that vase of flowers cut off for a walk; to make everything memorable with a click. To guide you the hands of Marina Della Pasqua (La Tarte Maison) Carlotta Salvatori (Panenostro) Giovanna Tiraferri (Lablab). Free reservation workshop - 20 places available.

5.00 pm Hemp for a snack
Laboratory to discover the use of hemp in the kitchen, tasting of herbal teas and biscuits with cannabis Laboratory organized by Romagna Canapa

5:30 pm Eco chic Decor
Laboratory for making wreaths and flower wreaths by Erica Vaccari


10:00 am Travel Floral Nature Gardens and Food and Wine in Friuli Venezia Giulia
A slow journey to discover the natural beauty of this little known region combined with the hospitality of passionate gardeners in their private gardens and ancient castles. Organized by Erica Vaccari Viaggi Floreali

10:30 am The carousel of the bulbs
We enhance the grace of bulbous plants by creating a light and airy cage vase in wire, glass and coconut fiber. Laboratory by LabLab

11:00 am My first bonsai
Gardening workshop organized by the Bonsai Association

12:00 am "Green Notes" - We know the collection of primroses and violets -
Organized by the Vivaio Il Peccato Vegetale

12:30 am Armknitting
We knit with your hands! Demonstration by Emanuela Ceccarini

2.00 pm "Green Notes" We know the pelargoni collections
With the Nursery the flagship


Where, How, When

The exhibition will be open to the public on Friday 16 March from 11 am to 7 pm, while Saturday and Sunday from 9 am until 7 pm.Daily admission: 4 euros - weekend pass: 8 euros - free under 16. Free workshops and activities for the Giardini d'Autore public

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