Orticola 2018: anticipations and news on the Milanese market exhibition

Also this year, on 11st, 12nd and 13rd May, at the beautiful Indro Montanelli gardens of Milan, will be held the floricultural event Orticola 2018. Thousands of visitors are expected to whom the Association will show the best results obtained in the last year of work. The main purpose of the exhibition is to raise funds, to be used for the protection and improvement of the green and natural spaces of the city.

Orticola: the Association

Orticola is a non-profit association, which since 1854 deals with horticulture and floriculture arts. Since ancient times, the members of Orticola daily take care of organizing and implementing initiatives aimed at raising awareness among citizens of respect for green, nature, flowers and plants. There are many initiatives that Orticola has proposed, finding a great enthusiasm among the Milanese and, year after year, membership increases more and more. Orticola took care of organizing work groups to do maintenance and cleaning in the green areas of Milan, has made available to the little ones of the gardening workshops with which to bring the children to the world of flowers and plants playing and having fun, promoted cultural initiatives such as the sale and exchange of books and texts on crops, the processing of vegetables and gardens. An important association, a point of reference for many families, united by the desire to preserve the few green spaces in Milan and to instill in their children a culture that respects the environment and vegetation.

Orticola: the exhibition

The first appointment with Orticola dates back to 1996. The event achieved an extraordinary success. This is demonstrated by the fact that, in May, the XXIII edition will take place, awaited by all fans of the sector, both Italian and international. In fact, a strong turnout of foreign exhibitors is expected at Orticola 2018. An important moment of aggregation, especially in a difficult historical phase and not very inclined to the street demonstrations like the one we are experiencing. Horticultural 2018, like all previous editions, was created to allow lovers of small crops to present, exhibit, sell and exchange their creations and plant creatures. Three days of beauty, for a walk among flowers and plants from all over the world, selected and selected from the most beautiful, special, original and bizarre. Like every year, also Orticola 2018 promises to have several surprises to offer its audience.

Al piacer mio: the theme of Orticola 2018

The theme of this year's Orticola will be "Al piacer mio": the most substantial part of the exhibition, in fact, will concern the exhibition and presentation of the favorite plants by the representatives of Orticola. There will be some of the most famous and important nurserymen, as well as active members of the association, with their favorite creations, to whom they have dedicated months of time and a lot of patience and passion. As always, there will be two juries formed by important and highly qualified personalities specialized in the sector who, at the end of the event, will reward the winners and give their judgments. Many exhibitors present at the last edition are expected, both Italian and foreign, who have given strong emotions and shown plants of rare beauty and quality.

Where, when, how

The botanical exhibition Orticola 2018, promoted by the non-profit organization Orticola, is a fair that displays flowers, plants and green creations, recommended to all lovers of gardening, orthoculture, and nursery gardening. There will also be spaces dedicated to children, with workshops and moments of fun and entertainment. The Fair will be held from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13rd May at the Indro Montanelli gardens, in Milan. You can get there from: via Palestro, Piazza Cavour or Via Manin. The opening hours to the public will be from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm . Admission to Orticola 2018 is payable for adults and free for children: a small contribution to the association. The proceeds of the exhibition will be used for charitable purposes, invested in social initiatives for the conservation of the territory, promotion of sensitizing activities towards the environment and initiatives to protect, recover, fix and improve the city's green spaces, so that they can benefit all. For more information, to purchase tickets or to get useful telephone contacts, you can visit the official website of Orticola: https://www.orticola.org/orticola/

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