Parco Giardino Sigurtà 2018: all about the Veneto Park

The day is sunny and the first hot season begins to be felt. Most of the colorful mats that fill the meadows have already flourished while others are eager to show their blooms hidden behind huge green buds.
The Parco Giardino Sigurtà awaits us as every year for the day of presentation to the press, with its novelties and its fascinating, unmissable surprises and events

With its 40 years of openness and 600,000 square meters of woods and meadows, the Parco Giardino Sigurtà continues to amaze and make all its visitors dream and collect awards over the years, including the most beautiful park in Italy in 2013 and second most beautiful Park in Europe in 2015.

The numbers

The incredible variety of flowers and plants present in the Park is concentrated in some unforeseeable areas for those visiting the park:

  •  30,000 roses from May to September on Viale delle Rose, the symbolic image of the Park.
  • 30 varieties of dahlias and hundreds of annual plants in the Viale delle Aiuole fiorite, from May to September. Unmissable and to photograph for its colors.
  • hundreds of diurnal, nocturnal and tropical water lilies that with lotus flowers, water hyacinths, lake hibiscuses, papyrus and false papyri, color 18 stretches of water.
  • Labyrinth with the 1500 rate specimens encircling a tower, from which you can admire the 2500 m of the route.
  • The Grande Tappeto Erboso, the largest expanse of the Park, home to two flowering lakes, home to Japanese carp and rustic and tropical water lilies.
  • Places of historical interest, witnesses of the past of the Park, such as the Hermitage, a neo-Gothic temple and the Castelletto, home to meetings in the past between scientists and Nobel prizes.

The 2018 news

-Among the new features introduced for this year is that of the new option to visit the Park: in addition to being able to visit the park on foot, on board the panoramic train, by renting the electric golf cart or guided tour by shuttle, it will be possible to see the Park by bike.
Renting the electric bicycles for families with small or young children, or by entering the park with their own bike or renting a traditional one at the entrance.
A small space has also been dedicated to all lovers, with the introduction of the Park of lovers' bench, located near the Hermitage and surrounded by beautiful red roses, where all the couples will be able to take beautiful photographs.

Tulipmania 2018

With the opening of the Park on March 8th, a period in which women were honored with three days of free admission, the Tulipmania show did not hesitate to wait.

300 varieties of tulips accompanied by muscari, hyacinths and daffodils, enclosed in elegant flowerbeds or in free form, are showing off all their beauty in new floral arrangements redesigned to make the Park more and more beautiful year after year.
There are not even 300 floating daughters, one of the most recent innovations, introduced in the Park in the past years in the lakes.
The Narciso Sigurtà, inevitable, watches over all the flowers, even on the flowerbeds made by the 150 students of the elementary schools of Valeggio sul Mincio, appointed official ambassadors of Tulipmania 2018.

Art meets the Park

In 2018 the collaboration between the Academy of Fine Arts of Brescia Santa Giulia and the Sigurtà continues. On the occasion of the day of meeting with the press, the three works by Fostinelli, Mireschi and Quaranta were chosen by the Sigurtà family who best represented the theme of Florart, that is "the 40 years of public opening of the Park" (Carlo Sigurtà opened to the public on March 19, 1978). In addition to this exhibition, the works of Land art were also awarded, the creations made by the students of the New Academy of Design in Verona, made with recycled materials from the Park. The Sigurtà family decided to reward For too much love (Photo above) by Stefania Colusso and Elena Tezza, Lightness by Martinut and Cenci and Ceci n'est pas a miroir by Coronidi, Marchi and Marchesini.

More photos

2018 events

  • April 8th: Tulipanintrucco.
    The artists of the Italian Body Painting Festival create for visitors a special trick inspired by the blooming tulips of the Park.
  • May 13th: Rosatrucco. This time the artists of the Italian Body Painting Festival will be inspired by another flower to make up visitors: the rose.
  • May 16th: Mille Miglia. The most famous automotive event in the world passes by the Park. A unique opportunity to see parade and admire from close up historical cars of inestimable value.
  • May 27th: Busker Park. Street artists paint the park with their performances for a whole day. Not to be missed.
  • every Wednesday in June:  yoga evenings. A wellness break dedicated to the ancient oriental discipline, in a suggestive location. From 7 pm to 8.15 pm
  • June 10th: the children's show. A day for the little ones with entertainment and shows dedicated to them.
  • June 17th: play with table tennis champions. The champions of this discipline challenge the visitors of the Park with racket strokes surrounded by summer nature in bloom.
  • June 24th: pecora tosando. With the arrival of the great heat the sheep are shorn in view of the summer months.
  • August 13th: concert: Stelle della Lirica. The Lirica evening returns with the artists who perform in a magical stage made of stars and nature.
  • September 2nd: the magic world of Cosplay. Thousands of characters in costume, musical events, in the day dedicated to cartoons, comics and fantasy.
  • October 7th: Parade of carriages and dances of the 1800s. Elegant carriages and dances of the 1800s, animate the avenues of the Garden. Unmissable.
  • October 14th: truccati da Campione. The Body Painting Festival artists come back to paint the faces of visitors with colors and magic.
  • November 11th: seasonal closure. The 2018 season ends with two guided tours in the warm colors of autumn.

Where, how, when

The Parco Giardino Sigurtà is open all days from March 8th to November 11th 2018.
Via Cavour 1 - 37067 Valeggio sul Mincio (Verona) Italia
Tel. + 39 045 6371033
Fax +39 045 6370959


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