Ortogiardino 2019: useful information on the Pordenone fair

The Ortogiardino fair has its roots back in time, being able to boast a forty-year history and having reached the fortieth edition.

It was 1979, but one feature remained the same, Ortogiardino is the event of reference in the field of nursery, floriculture and horticulture.

In its long history the fair has managed to reconcile the needs of professionals, providing an impressive showcase, with the interests of fans, making them able to observe, learn and emulate, confronting experienced professionals.

The event has been enriched, hosting the eighth edition of the Festival dei Giardini.
This is attended by the best designers and professionals of the garden and of the external composition. Every year a tender is produced, which involves the development and development of a theme in the design of a garden. A real competition among the participants, who challenge each other in an attempt to conceive and realize the perfect garden. Among other things, this activity attracts many new professionals, specialized in creating solutions for outdoor spaces, also in terms of green. The Festival of Gardens has thus reached such importance that it is no longer a mere guest of Ortogiardino, but its main event.

Festival of Gardens 2019

The Festival dei Giardini, as mentioned, went from being a supporting actor to the protagonist of the fair. During the last eight years the Festival has accompanied Ortogiardino in its definitive consecration. In fact, this has gone from a pilgrimage destination for enthusiasts to a reference event for professionals in the sector.
In fact, the Festival allowed an integrated approach of all the professional figures involved, from landscape architects to nurserymen, from green designers to agronomists.
This year's theme will be "NONvuoti - GRAY TO GREEN", a literal passage from gray to green, in an attempt to reinvent space today, in fact, empty.

Ortogiardino 2019: where, how, when.

Ortogiardino, takes place in Pordenone, embodying, geographically, the value of the thematic fair of the entire North-East of the peninsula. We can, however, attribute it without a doubt to national caliber for amplitude and attractiveness. We are talking about more than thirty thousand square meters and sixty five thousand visitors a year and over three hundred exhibitors.

The 2019 edition will go from 2 to 10 March, the perfect period to witness breathtaking blooms.

The cost for visitors will be at a full price of eight euros, while the reduced ticket will cost six euros. Groups with more than twenty people will be entitled to a reduction. Children up to thirteen will access the fair for free. In addition, all participants, keeping the fair ticket, will be able to access the museums of Pordenone at a symbolic cost of one euro, thus finding an economical way to visit the city.

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