Keukenhof 2019: all about the Dutch park

After the umpteenth successful season, registered in 2018, the Keukenhof park, is preparing for the 2019 season to amaze with its passionate colors the visitors.

The numbers
In the past year, the Lisse park has in fact recorded one and a half million approx. of visitors from all over the world, drawing the accesses of the previous year. The average age of the "guests" has been lowered thanks to the presence of a greater number of visitors made up of families with children or groups of twenty and thirty years old that the passion for gardening, flowers and plants is now part of every age.

Visitors came from every corner of the planet. 100 different countries in the lead, of course, the Netherlands stands out with 20% of visitors to the park, followed by Germany, America, France, China and Great Britain.
Local traffic has seen them coming mainly from Schipol airport, and from the towns of Haarlem and Leiden.

Program and theme of 2019

Flower Power is the 2019 theme of Keukenhof. The strength of the flowers that unites people and visitors who will come to the park. Holland is famous for its bulb fields and for the many flowers cultivated here. Bright colors, hippies, peace and music. Flower Power has that atmosphere of the 70s. A great theme to celebrate the 70th Keukenhof. Flower Power, the strength of flowers!
The park will remain open from  March 21st to  May 19th.

  • March23-24th : Sound of Holland: to celebrate the beginning of spring and the opening of the park, choirs and Dutch bands, will visit the park to brighten the days of the first visitors.
  • March 29-31st : Holland heritage weekend: this is the perfect Weekend to discover the nineteenth century Dutch traditions. Traditional markets, folk dances and much more to celebrate the old Dutch traditions.
  • April 5-7th: Flower power: weekend dedicated to flowers. At the market the growers will explain the characteristics and use of the bulbs, giving the possibility to buy new ones. Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th, children can participate in a floral treasure hunt.
  • April 13th: flower parade: The unmissable floral parade passes like every year from Keukenhof giving visitors the opportunity to go out and come back after the passage of colorful floats to party with bulb flowers. The advice is to arrive before 11am and, if possible, do not plan to leave the car park before 5.30/6 pm due to the traffic that will be blocked for a long time. In the 40 km from Nooordwijk to Haarlem in which the wagons pass, it is better to take it easy. For all the rest, consult the official website www.bloemencorso-bollenstreek.nl
  • April 21-.22nd: Melloy Yellow: Easter weekend
  • April 27th: Keukenhof King's day: the day of celebration for the whole of Holland, Keukenhof also organizes traditional activities.
  • April 29th: shows of birds of prey: between 12 and 14.30, hawks, eagles, owls and buzzards, will fly above the park showing all their beauty.
  • May 11-12th: Romance at Keukenhof: Being transported to the 19th century, surrounded by people in romantic folk costumes and watching orchestras, soloists and ensembles play among the flowers. Romanticism at the Keukenhof will be organized in collaboration with De Cultuurbrigade of Rotterdam.
  • May 13-19th: woodstock festival: relive the moments of peace of 1969 among the flowers of the Dutch park with a divine music and a relaxing atmosphere.


Where, How, When

The Keukenhof park will remain open from 21 March to 19 May 2019.
Reaching it is really simple, both from Schipol airport and from nearby locations such as Haarlem, Leiden, Noordwijk, etc.
Visiting the official website of the park you can buy the entrances with bus travel included.
you can  visit



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