Lemon Festival of Menton 2019: all about the 86th edition

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For 86 years Menton has been celebrating his love for lemon with this unique and unmissable event. Incredible buildings, intense colors, enchanted nights and blue skies to outline will give life to "the fantastic worlds", the theme chosen for this year, which will extend between the days of March 16th until February 3rd 2019.

A bit of history

The lemon festival boasts a rich and prestigious past, made up of more or less great successes.
It all started in 1928 in one of Menton's gardens, the Riviera Palace, where a small display of flowers and citrus was presented in wicker baskets.
Resumed in the following years, in 1934 it was decided to give this event a real "meaning" of the Lemon Festival, while in 1935 it assumed a real carnival spirit.
In 1936 the duration of the event was extended to the duration of 6 days, moving the heart of the festivities to the Gardens of Boivès, where they were shown all the different species of citrus trees grown in the area. The parterres were made of oranges and lemons giving a further reason of pride to the city.

Between 1953 and 1957 appeared the first vertical motifs, the aerial motifs and music was introduced, another key element of the festival.

In the '70s a bridge was built to connect the two parts of the Biovès Gardens, while in 1978 the duration of the festival was extended to two weeks which allowed it to reach the recond of 100,000 visitors in 1983.
So we come to the 90s, when it takes now 130 tons of citrus fruit to decorate and set up this incredible party. In 1993 La Fete du Citron ® became a registered trademark.

The numbers

  • 20 days of festival
  • 240,000 spectators on average each year
  • 10 floats and 13 scenes in the gardens
  • 400 speakers
  • More than 20,000 hours of work for the teams
  • 12 people mobilized every day to change the damaged fruits
  • 140 tons of citrus fruit for gardens and wagons
  • 5 tons of extra citrus fruit for the replacement of damaged fruits
  • More than 750,000 elastic bands to hang fruit
  • Between 6 and 8 km of vegetable garlands
  •   15 tons of steel

Where, How, When

From Saturday, February 16th to Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

  • Exhibition of citrus motifs in the Biovès gardens and craft fair and Festival of orchids
  • Saturday 16th, Friday, February 22nd and March 1st at 8.30 pm
    Gardens of lights
  • Sunday 17th, February 24th and March 3rd, at 2:30 pm
    Course of golden fruits
  • Thursday, February 21st and 28th, at 9.00pm
    Night course (followed by fireworks)


Exhibition of citrus motifs
Adult: € 12
children (6 to 14 years) € 6
Free for children under 6 years accompanied
Golden Fruit Corsos and Nocturnal Corsos
Grandstand for adults: € 25
Child (From 6 to 14 years: € 10
Walks for adults: € 12
Child (From 6 to 14 years): € 6
Free for children under 6 years accompanied
Gardens of lights
Adult: € 13
Child (From 6 to 14 years): € 8
Package 1 (1 tribune + 1 entrance exhibition of citrus motifs)
Adult: € 32
Child (From 6 to 14 years): € 15
Package 2 (1 walk + 1 entrance exhibition of citrus motifs)
Adult: € 20
Child (From 6 to 14 years): € 10
Craft Fair and Orchid Festival
(free entry)
Group rate upon reservation at the Tourist Office.



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