Casa Lajolo: Gardens, walls and beyond

In the week end of March 30th and 31st the new edition of the Festa degli Orti will take place at Casa Lajolo, in the ancient village of San Vito di Piossasco (TO). The theme chosen this year crosses the landscape narrative with the history of today, the dry-stone walls, UNESCO's intangible heritage, with the "other" walls that divide peoples.

Every vegetable garden of the past - like the medieval hortus conclusus - had a wall by fence. Most of the time they were dry stone walls built to art, the same that characterize even today the terraced agricultural landscapes of the whole world. From the swathes of Liguria to the rice fields of Vietnam, to the Peruvian potato fields hanging on the mountains, wherever there are testimonies of this ancient common construction technique. There are also other walls, which do not delimit either the gardens, or the gardens, as much as the possibility that man has to move, share, experience. It is the great theme of divelted roots and migrations.

On the wave of the UNESCO declaration last November, which honored the heroic stone walls of the terraced landscapes of the whole world with the immaterial heritage of humanity, and to understand how the new walls that are raised can be overcome, Casa Lajolo dedicates them the second spring edition of his Festa degli Orti. It will be, once again, a program full of events and guests. It will begin Saturday, March 30th at 17.00 with a conversation, led by journalist Mimma Pallavicini, in which will participate Davide Demichelis, author and host of "Radici, the other side of immigration" broadcast on Rai3, Carlo Pagani, the Maestro The most famous gardener of television, the journalist and farmer Piervaldo Rostan who is writing a chapter of his new book on the stone walls of the Waldensian mountains and the university professor Giancarlo Bounous, who has studied the terracing from an agronomic point of view. In the evening, in the Chapel of St. Elizabeth, near the historic house, Muro I'll eat you ... in music! Musical show of Laeti Musici with narrating voice and with the participation of harpist Vincenzo Zitello, an extraordinary concert artist and composer who has collaborated with numerous contemporary and not just Italian music artists. (Admission € 10). "We want to continue the journey of opening to the territory started last year - says Alberto De Vecchi Lajolo, president of the Casa Lajolo Foundation - Many visitors have attended the various editions of the Festa degli Orti during 2018. This year we are counting on perfecting the formula of the last edition: an event that combines cultural events and tests all five senses in direct contact with the garden
historic and its large vegetable garden. Choosing as a theme for this edition the walls, those that mark our agricultural landscapes, but also those whose chronicles speak to us, go precisely in this direction: widening the horizons. "

Sunday, March 31st, the program will host conversations, workshops for adults and children, exhibitions, tastings, presentation of books. The "wall" will be the leitmotif of all the events. During the day, in collaboration with Abbonamento Musei Piemonte and Faber-Castell, the Festa degli Orti will host the workshop. Draw art: live walls. Glimpses interpreted with pencils. An opportunity to design an open-air museum, under the guidance of experts, letting yourself be inspired by nature, between the dry stone walls that delimit the external spaces or discovering the naturalistic elements in the skies of the internal rooms of the historical residence. All material is made available free of charge by Faber-Castell. Reservations required a info@casalajolo.it. Saturday, March 30, preview of the event: free admission. Concert € 10 Sunday, March 31: Admission € 6 (reduced € 4 for holders of the Piedmont Museums Subscription and for young people up to 25 years). Free for children under 10 years. On the occasion the restaurants of Borgo San Vito offer a special spring menu for Sunday lunch. All the program on www.casalajolo.it.

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