Orti Mantovani: March 23rd-24th 2019, Valentini Gardens

Saturday 23rd and Sunday, March 24th will take place the zero edition of Orti Mantovani, Flowers seeds and vegetables in the city of Gonzaga in a green space recently returned to the community of Mantua, the Valentini Gardens. It will be an event that is attentive to the environment, urban decorum and citizens' well-being. Industry technicians and excellences will be involved in the commercial offer, but it will also be an opportunity to meet experts in sowing and gardening, learn about literary innovations in the sector and participate in workshops. The children will build hotel for insects and will sow salads and other vegetables in small portable gardens. The adults will learn to move correctly in their gardens experiencing a special gymnastics for gardeners, will practice the art of ikebana and cook wild herbs and rice, the main food of the territory, to end the afternoon with a conversation with tea and herbal teas.

The master gardeners Carlo Pagani and Claudio Baldazzi, the landscape designer Monica Botta, the agronomist and cultural animator Maria Cristina Pasquali, the expert of school gardens and writer Nadia Nicoletti will be some of the guests of this edition number zero of "Orti Mantovani".
And yet a city walk to visit some gardens open for the occasion and to find out where they were located private urban gardens and the botanical garden of the city now gone, in collaboration with Parcobaleno
  (www.parcobaleno.it),  seat of the University of orchards for many years.

The event at the Valentini garden will be an opportunity to offer the city of Mantova weeks of attention to the world of greenery and its many variations, creating interactions with the urban fabric when spring comes. Exhibitions, showcases set up, a fashion show of the country, a small film review called Lo schermo fiorito at the Cinema del Carbone   (www.ilcinemadelcarbone.it).   

At the end of March, therefore, the Giardini Valentini, a small hortus conclusus in the heart of the historic center, will become a space to offer Mantuanis and visitors of the city the pleasure of reclaiming the link with plants grown for beauty and nutrition, and even with the weeds of the ancient walls of Mantua with unsuspecting virtues. In short, a festival that celebrates the plant kingdom, offers fun and knowledge in a unique artistic historical context, which has earned Mantua the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A thank you goes to the well-known illustrator Alessandro Sanna, award-winning author of illustrated books and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, who offered his special touch to the logo of the event.
The complete program of Orti Mantovani - flowers, vegetables and seeds in the city of Gonzaga will be available on the website
    www.cooperativalibraimantovani.com    and on the  facebook web page.       
Info For the Press:    ortimantovani@gmail.com        cell    328    4760791 

Secretariat and logistics:    cooperativalibraimantovani@gmail.com            cell.        393    1936747   

Cooperativa    librai    mantovani    -    C.so    Vittorio    Emanuele    83    -        46100    Mantova

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