Verdemura 2019: all about the Lucca market exhibition

Not even this year, one of the most anticipated and followed national gardening events will take place: Verdemura di Lucca will be back on 5th-6th-7th April with its twelfth edition which will feature hellebore, a flower very tied to the idea of winter but, thanks to the collaboration of Verdemura with a specialized Lombard nursery, will be able to highlight all the characteristics of this plant also in the spring period.

But the winning formula of the two manifestations of Lucca (Murabilia will be from September 6th to 8th ) are the presence of varieties of perennial plants, shrubs, roses, acidophilus and simple flowers to grow for the more than 20,000 visitors expected during the days of the market.

nd if the peonies are preparing to be trendy for the next season, even theme books will not fail in Verdemura: "In the garden with the master gardener" of VerdeMura's friend Carlo Pagani, effervescent and competent national television personality, it is worth mentioning a large-scale collective work, richly illustrated, "Throws a seed. Technical ideas and experiences to cultivate gardens, vegetable gardens and balconies in a sustainable way "coordinated in Florence, but written in various parts of Italy. Long awaited, and currently still in print, "The lazy garden. Experiences, ideas and suggestions to work less and enjoy the garden more ", another collective work of exquisite packaging. As for "Muro I'll eat you!", It's a book on the weeds of the walls that came out last autumn and already became a case because, born between botany, art and refined contemporary gastronomy, it has already become a theatrical show- music and in a cult for phytoalimurgists.

In the meantime, the improvement of the VerdeMura program, more agile than the complex and international one of the "big sister" September in Murabilia, continues so as to offer more time for seasonal purchases for gardens, vegetable gardens and city balconies, with some forays into details fresh and new for the home and the country kitchen. However, some appointments remain unavoidable in the program, such as the presentation of the green book novelties and the workshops dedicated to children. Some exhibitors have already provided anticipations of the vegetable news that will lead to VerdeMura. From Bolsena the newest hydrangeas will be on show, seen last year at the Chelsea Flower Show in London. From Florence will arrive the plants of exotic vegetables and especially hundreds of varieties of tomatoes, annual flowers and rare and unusual climbers. From Brianza a collection of primroses ever seen, with double flowers, striped, in particular colors. The Lucchesia and the Pistoiese for their part as always will again this year the honors of home, especially with camellias, rhododendrons and citrus. Speaking of camellias, they will talk a lot about the new yellow flowering hybrids experimented and cultivated by the Massimiliano Giusti nursery in Montecarlo (LU). Really special flowers: if it were not for the bright and leathery leaves typical of the camellias, one might believe that it is a magnificent rose tea! Visitors to the twelfth edition of VerdeMura will be able to see them and buy them for the first time in Italy.

Where, how, when
The new headquarters between Baluardo Santa Croce and Baluardo San Donato have been successfully tested last year, with a further growth in popularity among its visitors. 

VerdeMura, April 5th, 6th, 7th 2019  Segretary tel. 366 4228615  Monday and Thursday from from 10 am to 12 am, Tuesday from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm www.verdemura.it   info@verdemura.it   facebook: verdemura.lucca

Event info

 Friday, April 5th: 12 am-7 pm ; Saturday  April 6th and Sunday April 7th: 9.30 am-7 pm;


Full € 7.00; reduced € 4.00 (over 65, children between 8 and 14 years old and disabled with a guide, the 2018 green card of Vita in Campagna magazine); free for children under 8. Subscription for 2 days € 12.00; subscription for 3 days € 18.00; cumulative purchase of 20 admissions € 140.00 + two free tickets. Dogs can enter if accompanied on a leash. Ticket sales finish one hour before closing

Plant transport: free service of wheelbarrow hire and storage area - plants to be accessed by car.

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