Photo flowerings

After 4 years from the foundation of the site, it seemed nice not to just limit ourselves to take some pictures with the phone or, if not available, to look for images that can be shared on the web to be able to attach to various articles.
Thus began a period in which we will try to propose our most beautiful images on this page, dividing them by period, geographical area and as much information as possible.

April 2019: from our garden, muscari flowering. Photo taken with Canon EOS 2000D and edited with Adobe Photoshop Express.

April 2019: It is not really a flower of those that you will find in the most cared for gardens but it always makes its effect. The dandelion with all its small details. Photo taken with Canon EOS 2000D and edited with Adobe Photoshop Express.

April 2019: the tulips could not miss the appeal and, in this clearly modified photo with Adobe Photoshop express, we highlighted the yellow, replacing the deep red of the petals with a less springy gray. Photo taken with our Canon EOS2000D

April 2019: the series of photos continues. Always our tulips that are slowly blooming one after the other. From a different angle but still in all their beauty.
Photographed with Canon EOS2000D.

April 2019: perhaps the best time to take pictures. The sunset with the soft sunlight that still gently crosses them, our tulips now almost all bloomed after a few days of rain...

May 2019: The alstroemeria or Peruvian lily is perhaps a risky choice for us who, after all, are gardening enthusiasts but certainly not professionals like the nurserymen who made it so beautiful ... We try also with this plant , rest assured that, with a good "maintenance", you can give us great satisfaction ...Photo taken with our Canon EOS2000D and modified with Photoshop Express

Despite the cold May of this strange spring, even the allium begins to bloom. but before he can have his characteristic blue, how long will it be?

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