Florete Flores: the art of flowers and plants

Also this year, for the fourth time, in the first weekend of June, Vicoforte (CN) hosts Florete
Flores, an exhibition of quality gardening that floods the churchyard of the baroque sanctuary with flowers
with the largest elliptical dome in the world. It will be a celebration of late spring at the height of the place and
of its history and a pleasant discovery for the visitors who will choose this weekend for
get to know a place of monumental beauty and experience its atmospheres in a sea of plants.

Seasonal flowers, roses, aromatic and aquatic herbs, garden trees and shrubs, succulent and herbaceous plants
perennials, vegetable plants, small fruits and many other plants proposed by dozens of nurserymen (coming
as well as from all over Piemonte also from Tuscany, Liguria and Lombardy) they will let themselves be admired and
buy together with everything that revolves around the world of the garden, the vegetable garden and the orchard. But not
only. As a tribute to nature that dispenses its many colors and makes our lives cheerful and light,
This year, for the first time, colorful birds, fish and ornamental chickens will be on display.
poultry, rabbits. And flowers in 100 colors (100 literally, with their scientific name e
varietal!) will wreath around the churchyard of the basilica, while the edible wild flowers and i
mushrooms collected and classified by the Cebano Mycological Group will perform under the arcades of the Palazzata e
a parade of floral dresses will offer that extra touch of fashion on Sunday afternoons.

In addition to the colors, a tree to make history known has been chosen as a theme for further study.
traditions and uses. In a dedicated area of Florete Flores we will talk about chestnut, its cultivation and
phytosanitary problems that have affected him in recent decades. We will taste the basic products
of chestnuts - from sweets to beers, from honey to tagliatelle - you will see baskets on display and for sale
trellises and small chestnut trees to plant in the orchard, you can discover the properties and uses of tannins
extracted from his wood (in Italy only in the Monregalese and in the Lucchesia) and to attend sculpture sessions of the
logs with the chainsaw.

And then much to experience: the Vicoforte xiloteca with about twenty new woods on display, the
guided tours, workshops and demonstrations, the Luscher test a little game and a little psychology test
to find out what the colors tell everyone. For the most daring visitors there will also be the
possibility of climbing with helmet and harness on the dome of the sanctuary and observing the exhibition market
from above!
Florete Flores will open its doors on Saturday 1 June at 9 am. The event, with free access,
will continue until Sunday 2 June at 19.00.

Where, how, when

• Florete Flores takes place along the Palazzata of the Sanctuary of the Nativity of Mary of Vicoforte (CN) and the adjacent streets from 9 am on Saturday 1 June 2019 to 7 pm on Sunday 2 June. No entrance ticket is required

.• To reach Vicoforte by motorway: exit Mondovı̀ or Niella Tanaro on the A6 Torino-Savona.Then follow the directions for Vicoforte (a few minutes).

• The name of the event refers to Ecclesiasticus (39: 19-21): “Florete flores, quasi lilium, etdate odorem, et frondete in gratiam ... "that is:" Bloom flowers like lilies and spread perfume and fill yourselfof fronds with grace ... "

• Possibility to climb the dome of the Sanctuary (reservation required at No. 331-8490075 orvisiting the website www.magnificat-italia.com).

• The catering service will be managed by the Pro Loco of Vicoforte and guaranteed for the duration of theevent along with other Piedmontese and Ligurian Pro Locos that will offer dishes of their territory.

• The Municipality of Vicoforte wishes to thank all those who for various reasons wanted to contribute to the costsorganization with a sponsorship.

For more information: IAT Office of Vicoforte tel. 0174-563098 iatvicoforte@cuneoholiday.com

on facebook: Vicoforte Tourist Officeon Instagram: vicoforteturismoMunicipality of Vicoforte www.comune.vicoforte.cn.it tel 0174 563010 int. 5
on facebook: Florete Flores

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