Palmengarten: the botanical garden of Frankfurt

When you visit a city like Frankfurt, you immediately think of the banks, the skyscrapers, the tall buildings and the great German productivity and organization that is perceived here almost everywhere.
If you then come across an equally well maintained and quality botanical garden like this, then a visit to this city is more than justified.

We arrive here at the Palmengarten early in the morning, about an hour after the opening and already, waiting for us, there is a bit of a queue outside the entrance, a sign that the garden is an important attraction, especially on beautiful summer days.
The type of visitor is really very varied: it starts from the 70/80 year old lady looking for relaxation who is sitting on the bench among the rose beds or by the group of retired tourists, passing by the young couple, up to dozens and dozens of children (lots of them!) who emerge from every plant and let themselves be captured by the colors of the flowers.

The palms garden
The palms garden

Age apart, the common denominator among garden visitors is courtesy. Kindness and good manners seem to be dictated by the rhythms of nature that reign supreme here.
Everyone observes, walks and photographs without hindering or disturbing others. Children included.
And so, while crossing the greenhouses and the different climates, so many types of flowers, plants and different species (mostly of tropical origin) flow pleasantly, which we would hardly be able to see in their original state.
Not to forget the spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions, where you can also buy natural products and the space dedicated to the palm garden.
In the outdoor area, in addition to many flower beds with roses, lavender, multicolored flowers, green lawns, aquatic flowers and many trees to relax under, there is also a band that plays for the pleasure of the public and nature.

Where , How, When

The palmengarten is open from 9am to 6pm from February to October, while from November to January it opens from 9am to 4pm.
Entry prices are:
Adults: 7 euros
Children from 6 to 13 years: 2 euros
Reduced rate (1) € 3.00
Small Familycard (1 adult and child up to 6 years up to 13) € 9.00
Big Familycard (2 adults and children up to 6 years up to 13 years) € 16.00
Elderly 65+ € 6.00
GdB (Global Burden Disease) 50+ € 6.00
GdB 80+, wheelchair user, blind user: free
  (1) Student, student, apprentice (up to the age of 25); young people aged between 14 and 17 years

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