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June 20, 2019
I know that you are seeing the flowering fields of sunflowers but, those that are planting in "normal" gardens, are not fertilized and produced for mass trade but come from small bags sold in some nursery or, even worse, in some store or generic market.

For this reason, after writing hundreds of articles on flowers and plants (including sunflowers), I decided to test myself by publishing in (almost) direct, flower growth week by week, to share but also to show how much the passion for gardening is beautiful and fun.

Yesterday the whole of northern Italy was afflicted by hail and rather heavy thunderstorms and, given that recently these sunflower seedlings passed from the covered jar to the ground, I was afraid they would not see another day ... Instead, here they are turned towards the sun which it's falling as nothing happened!

But now let's get to the facts:
from week to week I will post a photo of sunflowers, checking their growth, which will generally end between August and September.
Next weekend, June 30th, I will be leaving for the holidays, so subsequent updates could arrive around 8 or 9 July.
Hoping for the automatic watering machine to work properly


 July 13th 2019

Almost three weeks have passed since I took the first photos of sunflowers and, I must say, in the meantime they have grown a lot! We are around half a meter ... so much sun and a few thunderstorms have contributed to the good growth of flowers.

July 21st

We are about 120/130 cm ...
The tallest sunflower, thanks to some thunderstorms and so much sun, has really grown so much, while the others, abundantly around the meter of height, already show the first buds. By mid-August I think we will start to see some flowers.

August 4th, 2019

Here are the first buds! (picture below)
For the past few days in the medium-height sunflowers (around 110/120 cm) the first buds have been spotted, while the highest one, now at around 160 cm, is still visible.
The thinnest and most fragile sunflowers, on the other hand, begin to bend.

August 11th, 2019

As you can see, it hasn't been too long since we moved the small plants from the pots to the ground in the garden.
Yet today the highest sunflower has reached 170 cm and has a beautiful bud at the top, while the first yellow flower has already blossomed lower down.

 September 1st 2019
In reality there are still a couple of closed buds but the highest sunflower has reached almost 2 meters while the red one (orange) has also bloomed not far from the others.
Here they are!

... and so, about 80 days after planting small plants in the garden, here is the final result of the gardener's work!
An infinite joy made of colors and beauty!

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