Perugia flower show Winter edition returns on 21-22 September

Perugia Flower Show, a market show of rare and unusual plants, also this year returns with its autumn appointment on 21 and 22 September 2019 in the splendid setting of the Frontone Gardens, in Borgo XX Giugno in Perugia.

Having become an indispensable horticultural event, the market exhibition will allow more experienced visitors and new enthusiasts to discover the sector's novelties in a national preview and to meet the best collectors and producers of botanical rarities. The September edition with its warm autumn colors will be entirely dedicated to the most fascinating varieties that reach their maximum splendor in the period from September to January to allow anyone to have a garden or simply a flowered balcony all year round, not just in the spring.

Inside the garden visitors will have the opportunity to meet 60 exhibitors among the best in the national flower and nursery scene with their enchanting collections: unusual shrubs, fruit trees of every variety from those of well-being to those in ancient and found species, ornamental grasses that strike at this time of the year for the wonderful colors they give. For the acidophilous lovers there will be no lack of the best varieties of camellias, some of which are ready for their autumn-winter flowering, collections of Japanese maples and many unusual varieties of Hydrangea. Not to forget of course the bulbs in the collection in their full beauty, the old and modern roses, the botanical pelargoniums, but also orchids, tillandsias and aquatic plants.

It will be possible to admire and buy varieties of aromatic plants that cannot be found such as basil, thyme, mind, oregano, wild herbs, sages up to ornamental ones, unusual vegetables and pumpkins but also colorful collections of chillies from all over the world! Undisputed protagonists will be the autumnal flowering perennials, splendid for their colors and much used by the most experienced green thumbs for the movement that give both to the garden and simply to the terrace: collections of Aster, of Japanese Anemones, of Lobelie and of Hibiscus only to name a few.

But that's not all, there will be a section dedicated to high quality craftsmanship, professional gardening equipment, outdoor and indoor furniture, garden fabrics, but also food and wine excellences and products for this botanical rarities. well-being

As for the spring edition, Perugia Flower Show "Winter Edition" will also offer a series of side events held by the exhibitors themselves such as seminars and gardening courses, fun educational activities for children, along with scientific and cultural workshops, which over the years are become the strength and the distinctive mark of the event. They will all be free, after online registration on the dedicated form on the official website www.perugiaflowershow.com.


Where and when
Perugia, Giardini del Frontone, Borgo XX Giugno, Perugia
21-22 September 2019

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