The magic of Orticolario and Como lake: photo report from the 2019 edition

A beautiful sun and a mild climate have been the backdrop to this truly unique and colorful 2019 edition.
Arriving at the gates of Villa Erba, the astonishing number of people heading towards the entrances to Orticolario are immediately surprised: many children ordered and grouped cheer up the environment, while many people of all ages admire the lake and the stalls full of every kind of plant , flower but also food product from every corner of the country.

Everything seems magical and relaxing in an environment where water, plants, new ideas are mixed to give a sip of outdoor life to a public that chooses, for a weekend, to take home or just see, something truly extraordinary .
But looking at how many come out with carts loaded with flowers and plants, picking up colored vases, it seems that many people want to take some Orticolario away until the next edition ... maybe not to miss it too much!


The prizes


Among the highlights of the day the awards ceremony of the installations carried out in the park, selected by the jury of the international competition "Spazi Creativi". To win the prize "The Golden Leaf of Lake Como" (conceived and created by Gino Seguso of the historic Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso in Murano) the space entitled "Move n 'meet", designed by Mirco Colzani, created in collaboration with the students of the Minoprio Foundation. This is the motivation expressed by the jury: “For the skill in the use of different materials and in the search for plants. The audacity in combining common and unusual plants in a contemporary context creates a journey through space and time ".


Among the "Spazi Creativi", "Time Travel" by Nicoletta Mattezzi won the "Empatia", "Villa Carlotta", "Villa d'Este" and "AIAPP - Matilde Marazzi" awards (the latter ex aequo with "Move n 'meet "), while the" Arte "," Gardenia "and" Stampa "awards were presented at" 5 "by Mario Mariani.

The Bus Garden

I will be sincere. One of the things that intrigued me most about this edition of Orticolario was this flowery bus. When I heard about it from the presentation of July my curiosity has rocketed to the highest levels.

Saturday I immediately went to his research and the satisfaction, seeing him, was total! We should all have buses like this in the city, to make the environment greener and the world more cheerful.
The project by Leonardo Magatti, Vivai la Siepe, in collaboration with the ASF bus lines of Como was really a success ...
Here are the photos of the flowery roof and the interior:

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