Fête du Citron di Menton 2020: all you need to know

Photo © Ville de Menton

At the end of the 1930s, when the Côte d'Azur saw the end of the "Belle Epoque" and, with it, the decline of the rich winter stays on the Mediterranean coasts, the common center of Menton wanted to react and conquer a new clientele, enter into a new tourist era. So, to stand out, Menton staked everything on what had made him famous for centuries, his golden fruit, the famous lemon of Menton. Thus the first Ci-tron® party was born. Several meters high structures, articulated motifs, ornaments with small details;

 80 years later, the know-how of municipal teams is envied by the whole world. From China to the United States, many cities are inspired by this festival that has become international. Often taken up but never equaled, a great recognition for this "homemade" event. For its 87th anniversary, the time has come for the lemon capital to pay tribute to all these cultures and festivals that make international a smoothie of traditions and fun.
 In 2020, the Fête du Citron® presents "Les Fêtes du Monde"! New Orleans Carnival, Mexican Day of the Dead, German Oktoberfest, Irish St. Patrick's Day or Thai Water Festival, some of the most beautiful celebrations in the world will be open to the public in Menton from February 15th to March 3rd 2020 for a joyful world tour. A festive atmosphere, sparkling colors, animated corsets ... enter a world of unique sea light. Fifteen tons of steel wear their vitamin suit for an extraordinary event.

For its 87th edition, the Fête du Citron® runs all over the world to discover the "Fêtes du Monde". From the Mexican "Dias de los muertos" to the Japanese "O-Hanami", traditional celebrations have always been held all over the world and have passed from generation to generation. Between dance, song and performance, these traditions are now the center of attention during a festive world tour.
Le Citron celebrates Tokyo in Mexico Saturday 15, Friday, 21 and 28 February from 20:30. The festival Music, cinema, shows and arts and crafts. You can take a night walk in the heart of the celebrations, with spectacular plays of light and haunting rhythms. It is a cosmopolitan festival influenced by rituals and beliefs from around the world that comes to life in technicolor under the starry sky. A wonderful journey to be taken at nightfall or through the sparkling fairways The gardens of lights. This year the customs have crossed the borders for an exceptional stop in the city of lemon. Between originality and ritual, he enters an intercultural world that celebrates traditions through sumptuous decorations adorned with citrus fruits. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the colors and the sweetness of the chin-nais winter, during a carnival crossing!

   Visit the Biovès gardens Join the Chinese dragon, lantern in hand; to celebrate Hanami under the flowers of Japanese sakura; parades in the crowded streets of New Orleans; ... In Menton, nothing is impossible, since the golden fruit corsos make you travel from one time zone to another. Unparalleled and unmissable fashion shows
 The Lemon Festival® is also, for the duration of the event, a multitude of shows, concerts and exhibitions! And, throughout the city, lots of street entertainment.

The program



Opening times of the Biovès gardens:
From Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Thursdays from 10am to 7pm
Sundays from 9 am to 7 pm

Attention: Saturday 15 February 2020 opening of the Biovès gardens at 2 pm


Saturday 15 February> Tuesday 3 March 2020
Exhibition of citrus motifs in the Biovès gardens,
Craft Fair and Orchid Festival
Saturday 15 February, at 8.30pm | Gardens of lights
Sunday 16 February, at 2.30pm Course of Golden Fruits
Thursday 20 February at 9pm Night course (followed by fireworks)
Friday 21 February at 20:30 Gardens of lights
Sunday 23 February, at 2.30pm Course of Golden Fruits
Thursday 27 February at 9pm Night course (followed by fireworks)
Friday 28 February, at 8.30pm Gardens of lights
Sunday 1 March, at 2.30pm Course of Golden Fruits




Exhibition of citrus motifs
Adult: € 12 Child (6 to 14 years): € 6
Free for children under 6 accompanied
Corsos of the Golden Fruits and Corsos Nocturnes
Grandstand for adults: € 25 Children (6 to 14 years): € 10
Adults: € 12 Children (6 to 14 years): € 6
Free for children under 6 accompanied
Gardens of lights
Adult: € 15 Child (6 to 14 years): € 8
Package 1 (1 stand + 1 entrance display of citrus motifs)
Adult: € 32 Child (6 to 14 years): € 15
Package 2 (1 walk + 1 entrance showing citrus motifs)
Adult: € 20 Child (6 to 14 years): € 10
Pack 1 (1 bedside table + 1 display of citrus motifs + 1
Entrance to Jardin de Lumières) Adult: € 42 Child (6 to 14 years): € 22
Package 2 (1 day day stand and night course + 1 entrance
exhibition of citrus motifs + 1 entrance Jardin de Lumières)
Adult: € 64 Child (6 to 14 years): € 32
Craft Fair and Orchid Festival
Free entry



Pratical information

By train: Menton railway station is at
200 meters from the entrance to the Biovès gardens,
craft fair and less than 400 m from
course entrance.
By car: the days of Corso des Fruits
Free parking spaces are set up
available to visitors e
  Many parking lots
underground near the sites are a
Given the high influx, the days
or course nights, we recommend
to arrive in Mentone quite early, before
1.00 pm on Sunday and before 7.30 pm on Thursday.

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