Myplant & Garden Italy: growing gardening market

The growth trend of the Italian gardening market continues: + 100 million euros in two years (2017-2019).
The figure is released by Myplant, the international green exhibition scheduled at FieraMilano-Rho from 26 to 28 February 2020.
Milan, November 2019 - The Italian gardening sales market in 2019 has reached 2.863 billion euros. "It is the highest level recorded for years. Based on our projections, the trend is expected to be positive at least until 2022 ”, the organizers of Myplant, the largest Italian trade fair dedicated to green professionals, know. “Gardening is increasingly becoming, in Italy as in the rest of the world, an urban phenomenon, supported by new technologies, increasingly widespread and digital sales networks and a common sense that calls for well-being, sustainability and personal gratification ".

Based on the data collected by Myplant, the growth in sales of organic vegetable products continues, linked to the diffusion of both environmental issues and domestic agro-food micro-productions - an increase in the offer of aromatic and fruit seedlings, accompanied by organic nutrients - , stimulated in turn by the increase in sales of kitchen-gardens and by smart and remote control technological systems.
From robotic lawnmowers to automated irrigation systems, electric gardening tools, space for everything that combines less physical effort and time commitment. Besides being a concrete help for a population in constant aging.
Gardening, despite being a rather mature market in Italy as in the rest of Western Europe, is experiencing a spring in an urban context (similar to what is recorded on the other side of the world, in the USA, China and Japan in the first place, and without forgetting that in a decade 70% of the Italian population will live in urban centers), where many new building constructions contemplate shares of shared gardens and large balconies, and where many municipalities encourage the realization not only of vertical greenery, but also of roofs greens.

A green trend that also feeds new economies: the buildings with balconies and green perimeter register an increase in demand and a value that fluctuates between 18 and 30%.
In short, the appeal of green to green is contagious, in a market that is gradually changing the concepts of urban agriculture and hobby garden.
Wellbeing, health, sustainability, environmental appeal, shelter from city stress seem to be the levers on which the growth of this market rests, to which more and more ergonomic tools and small equipment with new generation batteries run to help.

What will be the 'fashionable' plants and flowers for next year?

Small domestic jungles grow. Especially in the houses of the millennials, otherwise called "indoor generation" (for the many hours spent in closed spaces) or "green generation" (with a strong ecological appeal). As the New York Times wrote, 31% (25% according to the National Gardening Survey 2019) of purchases of indoor plants (literally "furniture plants") in the US was made by young people. A market that has recorded sales of green live for over 50 billion dollars.
New trends in living, fusion of in & out, kitchen gardens and small home gardens, environmental inspiration, wellness in general: so many reasons for this phenomenon that is spreading to the workplace.
And there is no lack of concrete results: in addition to offering psychological benefits, plants are excellent
example of air purification in closed environments, as they absorb, metabolize and render
many pollutants inert, from microparticles to harmful chemical elements present in the
office equipment and household products.

According to the indications provided by the Flower Council of Holland, the most sought after plants in 2020 will be:

January: zamioculcas, February: areca palm, March: bamboo orchid, April: campanula, May: spatifillo, June: calla, July: celosia, August: cactus, September: sterility, October: croton, November: sansevieria, December: yucca.
The most requested flowers in 2020 will be:
January: pink, February: chrysanthemum, March: tulip, April: gerbera, May: lily of the Incas, June: lilium, July: sunflower, gladiolus, snapdragon, August: dahlia, September: hydrangea,
October: lisianthus, November: orchid, December: amaryllis.

Myplant & Garden – International Green Expo
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