Verdemura 2020: preview of the Lucca market exhibition

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Updated on Tuesday 10 March 2020

VerdeMura on the walls of Lucca postponed to May

Stopped on the run from a public health problem, the thirteenth edition of VerdeMura, an exhibition of gardening and outdoor living on the walls of Lucca, announces the move of date and place of performance.


Lucca Crea, the company of the Municipality of Lucca that organizes the event, has made it its responsibility to contain as far as possible the spread of the coronavirus and has sought a
solution that at the same time complies with government provisions and saves this year's edition of one of the most anticipated green events in Italy.


VerdeMura, suspended from April 3 to 5, will therefore take place in the middle of spring, from May 15 to 17 if environmental and public health conditions permit.


The date is important for Luca: in fact, the days when the 1000 Miglia passes on the walls and also the days when the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the Lucca Botanical Garden begin, the only one in Italy to be municipal. Hoping to be able to carry out VerdeMura, Lucca Crea and the organization of VerdeMura thank the 1000 Miglia for allowing to use a space traditionally destined on that date for the most famous and stylish car race in the world. In order not to create logistical problems, the location of VerdeMura will be Baluardo San Regolo and Baluardo La Libertà with the relative curtain. Visitors will therefore be close to the Botanical Garden which in those days will have free admission.


"The VerdeMura program will remain unchanged and the plants will be more than ever the center of attention - announces the VerdeMura team - to confirm their role of well-being and affectionate consolation in this spring of new and disturbing problems. Plants and gardens teach us optimism and look to the future with confidence. "



VerdeMura 15-16-17 May 2020 Baluardo San Regolo and La Libertà

Secretariat tel. 366 4228615 Monday and Thursday from 10.00 to 12.00, Tuesday from 15.00 to 17.00



facebook: verdemura.lucca

Event info

Hours: Friday 15 May: 12-19 hours; Saturday 16 May and Sunday 17 May: 9.30-19;

Entrance: full Friday € 5.00; reduced € 4.00; full Saturday and Sunday € 7.00, reduced € 5.00 (over 65, minors between 8 and 14 years and companion of the disabled, Green Card 2020 of the magazine Vita in Campagna); free for children under 8 and disabled.

2-day pass (Friday and Saturday) € 10.00; (Saturday and Sunday) € 12.00; for three days € 16.00; cumulative purchase of 20 admissions on Friday € 100.00; + 2 free tickets; Saturday and Sunday € 140.00 + 2 free tickets.

Dogs can enter if accompanied on a leash.

Ticket sales end one hour before closing.

Plant transport: free wheelbarrow rental service and plant storage-delivery area to access with

the car.

At the arrival of April, the appointment on the walls of Lucca returns with gardening and proposals for outdoor life. The VerdeMura market exhibition confirms its winning format for the thirteenth time: a fresh relaxed atmosphere that enhances the sweetness of spring, all the national novelties of plants and furnishings in the approximately 200 exhibition stands, some cultural moments with book and conference news, a walk green in one of the most unique public parks in Italy for its location on the sixteenth-century urban walls.

VerdeMura also in 2020 re-proposes its winning formula, which last year, in two and a half days of the event, saw the influx of many thousands of gardening enthusiasts from all over Italy. However, something is renewed, above all for the determination to put plants at the center, their scientific name, their best use in the garden, the range of species and varieties of some purely spring plant genres. For example, a collection of 15 species and varieties of the genus Amelanchier will be seen and purchased: shrubs or small trees with a rich white spring bloom, followed by tiny edible fruits.

“We asked exhibitors - said Giuseppe Benedetti, coordinator of VerdeMura - to give maximum prominence to the novelties and to those plants of their production that are not yet known or ask to be enhanced more. We think of collectors, who come to Lucca specifically for this appointment, but also of those who have only a small balcony or courtyard and want to find stimuli and suggestions for practicing quality gardening with original or unconventional plants ".

A novelty of this year is also the location of the market exhibition, between Baluardo San Donato and Baluardo San Paolino to optimize the visit route and guarantee usability in any weather.

In addition, the organizing team is developing some surprises that will delight many amateur gardeners, from those who never have enough of growing roses to those who would like to meet live the protagonists of botany and gardening, not only national ones.
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