March 15th, 2020 "fruitful spring"

Sixth spring festival of ancient fruits and grafts in the square in Cartosio (Al)

By Assandri Pier Alberto - Own work, Public domain, Collegamento

Cartosio, a small town in the Alto Monferrato that loves the countryside and its fruits, is preparing to celebrate the arrival of spring in the square for the sixth time with a popular and local event and, at the same time, cultured and national to celebrate the art of recognizing, cultivating, pruning, grafting old fruit varieties and cultivating vegetable gardens and gardens. Everything is conditioned by the ordinances of the Piedmont region regarding the coronavirus problem, but with optimism he expects to know the evolution of the situation.

The festive atmosphere opens with "Waiting for the Fruitful Spring" on Saturday 14 March at 9.30 pm when the documentary "La Piatlina potato and Ciarda della Val Grana" by Andrea Fantino will be shown in the municipal library, the story of the recovery of two varieties of potatoes of the Cuneo mountain valleys. On the morning of Sunday 15 March, with the inauguration of "Fruitful Spring", the exhibition "Fragrant fragrances" by the painter Edgardo Rossi will be open for visits to the library.

As usual, the market exhibition on Piazza Terracini and the adjacent via Roma will host fruit and vegetable nurseries, vegetables, aromatic plants, aquatic and garden plants, seeds, the first seasonal crops, Sicilian citrus fruits, grains, dried legumes and the flours of the local farmers, the honey and the saffron of Cartosio, but also small handicrafts, sweets, cosmetic and curative products, as well as curiosities that derive from the plants.

Guest of honor of this edition was the Bolognese master gardener Carlo Pagani, the first who in Italy, in the early eighties, put together a collection of fruit trees typical of his land. In the meantime, having become very popular for his broadcasts on various television networks and his column on the monthly Gardenia, Pagani will be in Cartosio to tell the secrets of cultivation of fruit trees interviewed by the director of the monthly Gardenia, Emanuela Rosa Clot, Cartosian by adoption. In the afternoon, in homage to the 2020 that the United Nations has proclaimed International Year of Plant Health, Pagani will give a lesson on how to recognize and treat main diseases of fruit plants.

In a relaxed and sharing atmosphere, you can go through meadows and country lanes to look for edible spring herbs together with Maria Cristina Pasquali, herbalist and expert in phytoalimurgy which holds a successful television column in the Geo & Geo broadcast on RAI3.
In the early afternoon he will then talk about the SPRECOpuntoEDU project of the Slow Food Lago Maggiore and Verbano pipeline, of which Pasquali is the trustee. The theme will be the enhancement of the poor and tasty cuisine of recovery with stale bread and herbs from the meadows.

On Sunday afternoons, from 14.30 to 17.00, ample space will be reserved for animation with children. Sowing and transplanting for small gardeners, a "color" laboratory with Armando Borrelli, young and optimistic graphic designer, visually impaired for the aftermath of a tumor brain, which coordinates the Agricolori project in Turin: cultivation of dyeing herbs and laboratories to use them to learn how to "see" the world in color. And if there is even a game in the snack "All flavors of fruit", a real, great game will take place on the square, with an extensive and colorful "Goose game with orange".

As always, you can draw on a large seed exchange counter and have lunch at Proloco, which every year creates a "fruitful" menu. Local restaurants are also involved with themed menus. Finally, for the ladies who want to perform in their own pastry creation, once again in the middle of the afternoon there will be the competition of fruit-based cakes. Interesting gifts are offered for the three cakes awarded by a jury of gluttons (including a subscription to the
monthly Gardenia). And for the "Fruitful Spring" visitors, a guaranteed snack!

Fruitful Spring in Cartosio opens at 9 am on Sunday 15 March in Piazza Terracini and in the adjacent streets and ends at sunset. No entrance fees.
The conduct of the event is subject to the evolution of the situation for the coronavirus emergency.

For info: Comune di Cartosio Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, 8 - 15015 Cartosio (AL)

Tel: +39 0144 40126  or +39 348 5113688



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