Nel segno del Giglio 2020: 27th quality gardening market exhibition in Colorno (PR)

At "Nel segno del Giglio" 2020 (27th edition, Parco della Reggia di Colorno, 24,25,26 April), green thumbs will find wonderful flowers and plants to admire (and buy) but also ideas to make a little less " ordinary” their beloved garden.


Those who limit themselves to measuring themselves with salads, courgettes, cabbage, tomatoes and carrots, will find many other proposals to draw a symphony of new flavors from their own vegetable garden.


In fact, among the new nurserymen present in Nel segno del Giglio, you will find Alessio Gennari, a young farmer at the head of the "Terre di San Secondo" farm, which experiences 700 horticultural varieties.


With the utmost respect for nature, its delicate balances and the interactions between the species of the different habitats that make up the ecosystems of Planet Earth, Alessio Gennari cultivates following the principles of Natural Agriculture, a technique born in the 1940s from the observations of Masanobu Fukuoka, botanist and Japanese philosopher; the method of cultivation in jute is very interesting, a biodegradable and hygroscopic material that plays the role of mulch, then becoming a source of organic substance. Among the novelties of this year, several varieties of oriental leaf and flower cabbage; with a flavor ranging from the sweet of Chinese and Japanese cabbage (Tatsoi, Kailan, Choy sum, Mizune) to the spicy mustard (Golden Frill, Mustard Red Streaks, Kai Choy). In addition, Alessio Gennari will bring ancient varieties of Oriental Radish and European Radishes; potted vegetables, to plant, but also in leaf, ready to be cooked.


700 ideas and a method of natural cultivation which, among many merits, also has that of containing weeds, an aspect that anyone who manages even a small vegetable garden, absolutely appreciates.



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ARTOUR s.c.r.l


Tel. 0521 313300





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