Merano flower festival: 24-25-26 April in Merano, Trentino Alto-Adige

International city open to creativity, hospitality and savoir vivre, Merano is preparing to celebrate spring and to defeat in its unmistakable style the unrest of recent months. With the optimism of a city that has been a place of care renowned for its healthy and restorative climate since the days of Empress Sissi, the Merano Tourist Office has prepared the launch of the now famous Spring down to the smallest detail Meranese and, as part of this initiative, is working on the final details of the third edition of the Merano Flower Festival.

From 24 to 26 April, the gentle message of flowers and botanical culture will be the absolute protagonists on the promenade along the Passirio river.

What will you see? There will be many ancient, modern, botanical roses, pride of Modenese (L 'Ippocastano), Lucca (Lari) and Ancona (Le rose di Regina) nurseries. In addition, an international novelty presented by the Lari nursery of Camaiore: a series of roses with
the edible petals to be cultivated in the gardens and to be allocated equally to the pleasure of the eyes and throat. The same nursery will also present its collection of Tuscan citrus fruits in pots.

A large stand of the Paduan Geel nursery will be dedicated exclusively to organic aromatic herbs and edible spontaneous plants. Spontaneous and healing herbs and vegetable seeds from South Tyrol will be in the limelight on the benches of Pflanz 'Gutes and Sudtiroler Krauter Gold, to do the honors in this land that has always loved and known plants and jealously preserves the ancient knowledge of countryside. The large and curious collection of unusual, rare and unusual fruit trees and small fruits of the nursery of the Piedmontese Langhe Dennis Botanic Collection is destined for the orchard

At this third edition of the Merano Flower Festival will be many confirmations of last year: from the German nursery Uhlig in Stuttgart, known worldwide for its succulent plants and rare cacti for amateurs, in Carnosa and Spinosa, nursery of Garda which offers sculptural ornamental cacti to make the house beautiful.

Prestigious perennial herb nurseries also return to the Merano Flower Festival. Play at home, or almost, Staudenparadies of Bressanone, with a very wide range of flowering and leaf plants for the rock garden; instead it offers perennial herbs and grasses in refined varieties and colors for the elegant garden of the city the Turin nursery The Erraio della Gorra. And for the informal country garden, an exuberance of exuberant and colorful flowers, the Tuscan nursery Checchi Roi provides the Merano Flower Festival. And again: from Friuli the azaleas of the Gladich nursery in the moment of maximum flowering and Paolo Mariotti's bonsai, shitakusas, kusamono and kokedama, dedicated to those who can amaze of the millennial Japanese art of growing plants. On the other side of the world, from South America, the tillandsias of the nursery of Rome come instead. Daughters of the Wind: a fantastic collection of small plants without roots to grow at home: they are said to have a role even to defend us from radiation. For everyone, the exhaustive choice of summer flower bulbs by the Dutch producer Flora Import: the bench (thirty linear meters) last year was also highly appreciated for the owner's multilingual skills!

Everything at the Merano Flower Festival 2020 will sing the praises of plants, flowers and spring. Visitors looking for poetry and a trace of the plant kingdom in common objects will also have something to amaze.

The floral hats of the whimsical Emilian milliner Pimpinellifolia, for example. The real leaves "imprisoned" in the gold and silver of the refined and symbolic jewels by the Milanese Ester Bijoux.

The fountain pens turned in the wood, or rather in sixty different woods, by Andrea Fazzari, patient and brilliant Piedmontese craftsman. And then the ceramic flowers, the silk scarves decorated with the soft imprint of chlorophyll, anthocyanins and xanthophylls of flowers, leaves, ferns, incense and candles with the scent of flowers, wooden garden furniture, terracotta and wooden vases.

Merano Flower Festival welcomes the visitor with the elegance of the choices, involves him in a slow and passionate rhythm that is the business card of the city. To party around the flowers and spring, therefore, good music and refined as unusual can not be missing
street food. For those who do not want to give up the scientific side of plants, the weekend from 24 to 26 April next Merano offers appointments with scholars, writers and gardening experts in the dense program of the Green Sofa. What color could it be being, if not green, the cultural salon of a city that, with an innovative initiative by the Municipality, has just launched measures to support urban biodiversity in the new building projects?

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