Spring is back with the fourth edition of Borgo Plantarum

The event dedicated to rare flowers and plants curated by Carlo Contesso will be in Telarolo di Castellarano (RE) on 25 and 26 April 2020


Edition dedicated to sustainability and the environment for Borgo Plantarum 2020, scheduled for 25 and 26 April in the hills of Telarono di Castellarano, Reggio Emilia. The guiding thread of this fourth edition are in fact the solutions to reduce the negative impact on climate change and the waste of water without renouncing vaporous grasses and bright floral oases. The event, curated by Carlo Contesso, attracts the best nurseries of Italy as in Reggio Emilia every year, with a precious selection of rare plants and flowers and original and creative proposals for the driest and sunniest gardens typical of the Po climates.


The main protagonist of this edition will be Iris, a surprising flower for elegance and audacity, capable of adapting to desert lands as well as stagnant areas. And then old and modern roses, fragrant rhododendrons and unusual lilacs, sophisticated camellias and luxuriant azaleas to cover the garden with spring colors. There will be the scents of the Mediterranean: cysts, mallows and Helianthenum, arid-resistant ground cover, Erysimum and Geum. Particular attention also to perennials and shrubs from undergrowth and penumbra, to ancient aromatic plants and to aquatic plants. And also citrus, fruits and medicinal plants, to decorate the garden and create in the kitchen: many moments to deepen and discover the secrets of the plants, increasingly used also as a creative inspiration for those who want to beat new paths, from painting to cooking .


The calendar of activities and collateral exhibitions is particularly rich this year: excursions, workshops (even for the little ones), courses and meetings with the author will surround the market exhibition, together with stands for home and garden objects.



Centroflora Nurseries return to Borgo Plantarum with a rich selection of colorful annuals and a very special proposal of Mediterranean herbs and shrubs: cysts, mallows and Helianthemum, arid-resistant ground cover plants and colorful Erysimum and Geum. The world of increasingly popular perennial weeds, ferns and undergrowth plants, from the very rare Disporum megalanthum to the fresh inflorescences of Filipedula vulgaris 'Multiplex', Iris pseudacorus 'Alba' up to an incredible collection of Iris sibirica.


Late flowering rhododendron hybrids, dwarf pot cultivars, and azaleas of all types will populate the Vivaio Rhododedron stand along with part of their suggestive collection of Ancient Camellias from Lucca. The Hydrophyllus nursery will be present with a wide choice of aquatic and marsh plants and the usual, refined proposal of aquatic compositions made in ancient basins. Here lotus flower, water lilies and colocasias intertwine with splendid Hemerocallis, to give a long period of blooms and an extraordinary range of colors.


Liviana Nifantani will accompany visitors on a real tour of the world, with its unusual shrubs: Ginco biloba 'Troll' dwarf, the Judas tree with double flower and unusual Lilacs, the yellow Syringa reticulata ssp. perkinensis 'Jellow Fragrance', and others particularly suitable for pot cultivation, its viburnums with generous and fragrant blooms. Exoticism and amazement also in the selection of OrchisMundi, with succulents with sculptural beauty, voluptuous orchids and refined hybrids of Paphiopedilum, the shoe of Venus, as well as many unusual and almost impossible to find botanical species.


This year a great classic of both the romantic garden and painting is back: the bearded Iris, proposed, together with other geophytes, by the nursery L'Insolito Giardino. The Borgo will then be filled with the ancient and modern roses of the Vivaverde nursery and the showy and voluptuous peonies - herbaceous, shrubby and intersectional of Itho - of the Vivai delle Commande. Citrus fruits instead return to Borgo Plantarum with the Vivai Ghellere: in addition to the more classic varieties, the Citrus limon 'Mellarosa', an ancient lemon with a compact bearing that produces abundant flat and ribbed fruits and Yuzu, a fragrant Japanese hybrid very resistant to frost , elected by the star chefs as the new superfood. Beauty and goodness also come together at Vivaio Veimaro, with various cultivars of Actinidia arguta - small cousin of the Kiwi without fluff, easier to grow and more fragrant - but also strawberries, raspberries and large-fruited blueberries, easy to grow even in the plains or on the terrace. For the first year there will be Fattipomodorituoi which, but the name is already a guarantee, will bring more than one hundred different varieties of tomato: ancient and modern, yellow, red, pink, brindle, black, white, minute or giant, pear, round or stretched. Ample space also for medicinal plants, edible flowers and alimurgical herbs to be used in the kitchen to rediscover the flavors of the past, thanks to the constant research of the Gramaglia Brothers.



There are many opportunities to discover, learn and engage in new activities, always in the precious setting of Borgo Antico le Viole, among majestic trees, romantic fountains and hills lit by the colors of spring. After the success of last year Simone Ciocca returns to Borgo Plantarum, with a watercolor course dedicated to the botanical world. For the more adventurous, nature excursions are planned to discover the spontaneous plants held by Erboristeria Fresia, while for those who want to try their hand at the kitchen there will be Elena Zanni to introduce the members to the world of homemade pasta (vegan and otherwise) and all use of vegetable dyes. There are also many events for children, dedicated this year to the theme of environmental sensitivity: the world of bees, insects and butterflies, among flowers and colors. The workshops are possible thanks to the collaboration with CEAS Terre Reggiane - Tresinaro Secchia Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability. There will be traditional exhibitions, dedicated this year to botanical watercolors and the - difficult but not impossible - coexistence between farmyard hens and ornamental plants.


As every year, the two days of Borgo Plantarum will be marked by meetings with the author, conferences and moments of study dedicated to beginners and garden professionals. Guests of the event will be the curator of Borgo Plantarum Carlo Contesso, the founder of Aia Antica Elena Zanni, the botanist Villiam Morelli, the "plant hunters" Maurizio Vecchia and Eraldo Antonini, Professor Ugo Pellini and the authors Roberta Ceschi, Maria Alessandra Rossini , Eliana Ferioli.

The detailed conference program will be available on the event website


A small step in respecting the environment. This year the organization will provide a shuttle to reach Borgo Plantarum. A small gesture that will limit traffic and pollution, guaranteeing a punctual service to visitors.

The shuttle will leave from the Mediopadana AV station of Reggio Emilia, will stop at the central station (Reggio Emilia center) to arrive at Borgo Plantarum. The timetables will be published on the event website. The service, with a compulsory reservation, will cost 7 euros (A / R) and will entitle you to a discount for admission to exhibitions.


Dates and times: Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 April 2020, from 9.30 to 19.00

Borgo antico le Viole, Telarolo di Castellarano (RE)

Info: borgoplantarum@gmail.com

Admission: full 6 euros. Free admission up to 12 years. Free parking.

Services: Shuttle to and from Reggio Emilia stations

Info and detailed program:

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