Orticolario 2020: here are the 7 finalists of the "Spazi Creativi" competition

Villa Erba, Ph. Luciano Movio

The seven finalists of the international competition "Spazi Creativi" have been selected to exhibit their gardens and installations in the historic park of Villa Erba on Lake Como, on the occasion of the twelfth edition of Orticolario from 2 to 4 October 2020


A powerful spell capable of shaping thought and leading towards unusual directions. This is the broader concept of seduction, it means seducing and letting yourself be seduced, creating rituals between living beings, weaving links between different ideas and cultures.

The "Seduction", the theme of Orticolario 2020, fascinated the participants of the international competition "Creative Spaces" for the design and construction of gardens and artistic installations. Seven finalists, evaluated by the Selection Committee among numerous proposals sent by architects, designers, landscape architects, artists, gardeners and nurserymen: finalists - seduced seducers - who fully grasped Orticolario's invitation to unleash imagination and senses, to fathom the theme, not to stop on the surface.
The selected ones will carry out their project in the historical park of Villa Erba, in Cernobbio, on the occasion of Orticolario, scheduled from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 October 2020: as always, they will be original and innovative spaces, livable and usable gardens, new garden ideas and artistic installation capable of defining a different experience of the relationship between man and nature.

The creations will be evaluated by an international jury that will award the sculpture-prize "The Golden Leaf of Lake Como", a sinuously shaped vase on which a large leaf with "hints" of pure gold (24K ), conceived and created by Gino Seguso of the historic Artistic Glassworks Archimede Seguso of Murano (VE). The prize will be kept by the winner for a limited period, to be subsequently exhibited at Villa Carlotta (Tremezzina, CO) until the next edition: the redelivery ceremony of the 2019 award, assigned to the garden designer Mirco Colzani with the space entitled "Move n 'meet", will take place as usual at Villa Carlotta on Friday 17 April at 11.

“The selected projects play with the different interpretations of the concept of seduction. The theme, in fact, has crept into the designers' imagination, shaped it, leading to very different proposals from each other - comments Anna Rapisarda, curator of Orticolario. - There are many aspects addressed: from the myth to the sensuality of the forms of the landscape, from the reflection on how seduction can take on negative meanings in today's society to that on how
today man lets himself be seduced by nature compared to the past. The garden in Orticolario becomes more and more ethical and aesthetic space, in which to cultivate nature and imagination. A space in which the 'gardeners', the men for whom nature is a way of life, get lost to find themselves ".
In addition to "La Foglia d'Oro del Lago di Como", the jury will also award other prizes: "Art" prize for a space in which the balance between art and nature coexists, where different languages find an effective synthesis; "Press" prize for material innovation and eco-sustainability (the "Arte" and "Stampa" prizes are designed and created exclusively for Orticolario 2020 by Paolo Mezzadri of Metallifilati); "Grandi Giardini Italiani" prize for a space that knows how to interpret the opening of a garden to the public also through accessible seats and places of reflection, with botanical collections and spectacular blooms; "Villa d'Este" award, where style and elegance come together in a timeless tradition; "Villa Carlotta" prize for the enhancement of art in the garden, where nature is human ingenuity coexist harmoniously; "AIAPP Matilde Marazzi" award for an innovative space consistent with the themes of simplicity, beauty and sustainability, fundamental qualities in the landscape project; "Gardenia" prize to the nursery, exhibitor or "memorable" installation of the Orticolario edition; in addition to the "Visitors" award for the Creative Space most voted by the public.



1. “La Natura seduce la Città”

Project and realization Mema Giardini (Pistoia)


2. "2"

Project and realization Mario Mariani (Galliate, NO)


3. “Seduzione à L’enverse”

Project and realization William Zanotto (Asolo, TV)


4. “La seduzione che va oltre”

Project and realization Archileaves (Milano)


5. “Il ritorno al bosco sacro”

Project and realization Sgaravatti Group (Capoterra, CA)


6. “Viaggio nell’Illusione”

Project and realization Arianna Tomatis (Mondovì, CN)


7. “Nemesi”

Project and realization Terradice (Castelfranco Veneto, TV)




Orticolario, now in its twelfth edition, is the cultural event dedicated to those who experience nature as a lifestyle. The theater of the event is the botanical park of Villa Erba in Cernobbio (CO), a nineteenth-century residence overlooking the shores of Lake Como, the summer residence of the director Luchino Visconti. Horticultural Essence: the thematic gardens set up in the park, inspired by the theme of the year and selected through the competition "Spazi Creativi". Title of the 2020 edition is "Hypnotic", the theme is "Seduction", while the protagonist plant is the Maple. The event, which in 2019 touched the threshold of 30,000 visitors, is enriched by a wide offer of rare, unusual and collectible plants, artistic craftsmanship and design with more than 290 exhibitors strictly
selected, from a busy calendar of meetings and from numerous educational-creative workshops for children, as well as performances, film screenings in the dungeons of the Villa Antica and floral shows. At the center of the review, art, capable of going further and breaking down the boundaries between inside and outside. Over the three days, contributions are collected from donate to associations of the Como area engaged in social work.
Finally, the boat trip from Como to Villa Erba on Saturday and Sunday is available to visitors and included in the ticket price.




2-4 october 2020 Villa Erba, Cernobbio (CO), Como Lake

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