The 6 and more garden tools that every gardener should never miss

When you start to grow some flowers or take care of a plant at home, you often ask yourself what tools can be used to carry out the most basic and essential tasks.
Clearly the most obvious answer is that generally we start with the simplest equipment and then buy over time and according to the size of the garden the various objects that can be useful if necessary.

Another important element may be that which distinguishes the professional gardener from the amateur one. In fact, the professional will need much more advanced and numerous garden tools than the amateur one, in order to better carry out every small part of his important job.
In any case, each of us will have left with some truly indispensable objects such as:

  1. a spade or a shovel to dig holes or arrange the ground.
  2. a pruning shears or garden shears for pruning plants, flowers and small dry twigs (but if needed it can also be used as a pruning shears).
  3. a rake: if you have a small or large garden, this tool is really essential. To clean and collect the grass after cutting it, to fix the earth or to collect the leaves fallen from the trees.
  4. A pair of gardening gloves: whether you love to get your hands dirty with the ground or not, having a pair of gloves can always be useful for handling hedges with thorns or flowers such as roses, for example, where the risk of pricking is always high.
  5. a watering can: at home or in the garden, it is essential for all plants. It can always be useful in the garden even for those who have a sprinkler or a larger system.
  6. An outdoor broom for the patio, terrace or balcony. Whether you need it to clean some fallen leaves or some soil, having a broom to keep your green corner tidy is always useful.


In addition to these 5 simple objects that more or less all gardening enthusiasts have in the gardener's "toolbox", there are many other useful tools of the trade that, over time and based on the size of our green spaces, we decide to buy to make our garden more beautiful and cared for.

The lawn mower, for example, is an indispensable object for those who own a lawn, but it can be completely useless for those who have a balcony. It can be electric with an internal combustion engine and vary in size according to its use.

Even for the hedge trimmer, an almost analogous speech can be made. It is only needed if you have a hedge of a certain length or if you want to speed up the work by avoiding cutting everything with hedge scissors, which can facilitate the work on small hedges but become less comfortable when it comes to cutting large and long hedges.

A good pair of rubber boots can always be useful if you have to walk or work in the garden or in the vegetable garden when the soil is damp or a little rough. They protect against anything and wash easily after use.

Even a small wheelbarrow or similar object can be useful to move the residues of pruning or cutting grass during gardening ... It is also a beautiful outdoor furniture if well maintained and exploited. You can put a flower vase inside when you are not using it or, at the "end of its career", fill it with earth and use it directly as a flower vase.

Have we forgotten something that is truly essential for you?
Do not hesitate to report it!


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