Orticolario 2020: at Villa Carlotta the return of the "Foglia d'oro del lago di Como"

The twelfth edition of Orticolario was officially inaugurated with the return to nVilla Carlotta of the sculpture prize "Foglia d'oro del lago di Como". In compliance with all government provisions, the event took place in private form.

Tremezzina (CO), 29th  May 2020 – It may change its shape, but the value and substance of traditions always remain unchanged. So this morning, in the garden of Villa Carlotta, in private form and in full compliance with the provisions for the emergency health, the redelivery ceremony of "Foglia d'oro del lago di Como" was held, the sculpture prize made in exclusive by Gino Seguso of the historic Artistic Glassworks Archimede Seguso of Murano (VE),

Awarded every year on the occasion of Orticolario to the winner of the international competition "Spazi Creativi" (aimed at landscape architects, architects, designers, artists and nurserymen).

The ceremony was attended by Maria Angela Previtera, director of Villa Carlotta, Moritz Mantero, president of Orticolario, and Mirco Colzani, winner of the international competition "Spazi Creativi" 2019 with the installation "Move 'n meet": as usual, the award-winning has returned the Foglia d'oro to Villa Carlotta, where it will be kept until the next edition of the event, scheduled from 2nd to 4th October 2020 in Villa Erba. Visitors can admire it displayed next to it in the Roll of Gold, on which, since 2013, the names of the winners of the competition are included.
"Participating in the international competition" Spazi Creativi "was an opportunity to express my passion in creating gardens and generate beauty, while still subjective - declares Mirco Colzani, accompanied at Villa Carlotta by his collaborator Giovanni Fumagalli and the sculptor Attilio Tono, creator of the sculpture present in the installation 'Move' n meet '.
A symbolic gesture, a ritual, that of the foglia d'oro redelivery ceremony, which takes place every year to consecrate a new edition of Orticolario.
“Traditions must be respected and the availability of Villa Carlotta, recently reopened to the public, allows us to do so - comments Moritz Mantero, president of Orticolario. - 'The foglia d'oro del lago di Como' is the link with this beautiful reality, in full harmony with the mission of Orticolario. Beauty and elegance are the keywords ".
The seventeenth-century Villa Carlotta, open until 8 November, represents a long uninterrupted dialogue between art and nature in a landscape context of great charm. Among the works of art, in particular sculpture, a series of masterpieces by artists such as Antonio Canova, Berthel Thorvaldsen and Francesco Hayez. Its park (about eight hectares that can be visited) boasts a harmonious coexistence of styles: the large Italian garden remains of the seventeenth century, the romantic period is still the English garden structure is perceptible, while at the end of the nineteenth century the vegetal architecture of the imposing masses of rhododendrons, azaleas and rare species dates back.
“A week after the reopening, the first scheduled event celebrates the return of the Foglia d'oro to Villa Carlotta - says Maria Angela Previtera, director of Villa Carlotta. - The precious work will be exhibited to be admired by our visitors until the next edition of Orticolario and celebrates the elective affinities with the most important floriculture event in Lario. Affinity that is also reaffirmed by the protagonist plant of the next edition: in the ancient garden of the Villa you can admire a wonderful collection of Japanese maples ".
And the Maple is the plant for Orticolario 2020, the protagonist together with the theme of "Seduction": the team is working hard on the new edition and, at the end of June, as usual, all details will be communicated.


Orticolario, now in its twelfth edition, is the cultural event dedicated to those who experience nature as a lifestyle. The theater of the event is the botanical park of Villa Erba in Cernobbio (CO), a nineteenth-century residence overlooking the shores of Lake Como, the summer residence of the director Luchino Visconti.  Essence of Orticolario: the themed gardens set up in the park, inspired by the theme of the year and selected through the competition International "Spazi creativi".

The title of the 2020 edition is "Hypnotic", the theme is "Seduction", while the main plant is the Maple ". The event, which in 2019 touched the threshold of 30,000 visitors, is enriched by a wide offer of rare, unusual and plants collectible, artistic craftsmanship and design with more than 290 rigorously selected exhibitors, a dense calendar of meetings and numerous educational-creative workshops for children, as well as performances, film screenings in the dungeons of the Villa Antica and floral shows. At the center of the review, art, capable of going further and breaking down the boundaries between inside and outside. During the three days, contributions are collected to be donated to associations in the Como area engaged in social work. The boat trip from Como to Villa Erba is available to visitors and included in the ticket price.


2-4 October 2020 Villa Erba, Cernobbio (CO),  Como lake


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