Orticolario the origin:from October 15, the virtual version of the event

From October 15, Orticolario The Origin is online, the virtual and ongoing version of the event that every year on Lake Como is a source of wonder and inspiration for all those who experience nature as a lifestyle. A technologically innovative platform, accessible for free, which opens the doors of Villa Erba and its park to an international audience. And that gives the opportunity to live unique immersive experiences to garden, art and design enthusiasts.

Cernobbio (CO), 2 October 2020 - Have you ever dreamed of entering the secret rooms of Luchino Visconti, understanding what inspired him, feeling his emotions on the skin? Or to experience landscape design, art and culture in an immersive way in a centuries-old botanical park? Or to be able to admire rare, unusual and collectible plants and objects in a single display case, proposed by selected national and international nurserymen and artisans? If the answer to at least one of the three questions is yes, the dream soon becomes reality. From 15 October Orticolario The Origin, the continuous virtual version of the cultural and artistic event that seduces and excites thousands of visitors every year on the first weekend of October, on Lake Como, is online. The organizers, in order to react to the forced arrest, have decided to offer visitors and exhibitors a different experience but consistent with the style, intentions and expectations of the "physical" event. To give beauty and wonder and to be known by a wider audience e
international. Et voilà Orticolario The Origin.



What is it about. Orticolario The Origin is a free digital platform, active for 12 months until the next edition of Orticolario, from 1 to 3 October 2021 in Villa Erba on Lake Como. It is an immersive experience, developed with Matterport 3D technology, usable by computers and any device, including VR viewers (virtual reality). Projects the user anywhere in Villa Erba and beyond, breaking down any geographical barrier. Characterized by intuitive graphics, Orticolario The Origin is a project in which the cult of beauty and the culture of the landscape - the essence of Orticolario - can manifest themselves to all those who, in every corner of the planet, live nature as a lifestyle. The eclectic personality of the event - a "journey" between gardening, landscape, art and design - is respected by taking the form of a macro "cradle" of languages, wits and
different talents, where many creative souls express themselves, from artists to landscape architects, from nurserymen to craftsmen. Just as happens every year on Lake Como, everyone was inspired by their own way of relating to nature and interpreted the theme and the plant of the year, the "Seduction" and the Maple. Theme and plan that will then be the leitmotiv of the 2021 edition.

Why Orticolario The Origin. To explain the reason for the name is Anna Rapisarda, curator of the event: "The virtual project of Orticolario accompanies us as we wait to meet again at Villa Erba, with constantly updated content until September 2021. The Origin is the story of the origin , of the spark from which an idea is born, of how Seduction and Maple, the themes of the year, are the inspiration of all the realities that participate in it ".



What and how. You can enter Orticolario The Origin through the orticolario.it website and thus enjoy different experiences. First of all, the 3D virtual tour at Villa Erba, a walk in the park, in the exhibition center, in Villa Antica and its secrets. Even corners never before opened to visitors and now only visible on the platform.
Along the way you will find linksable points of interest, each of which is an exhibitor (from the nurseryman to the craftsman, from the artist to the landscape architect, from the designer to the partners) who presents a card with the products and news of the year, a project, a thought.
Numerous files present unpublished short films, experiential videos that, as if they were portals, open onto landscapes in Italy and in the world: unexpected places in the mountains of Lake Como, nurseries, private gardens, among maple trees in Japan, the park of a castle in France, etc… Each video proposes nature as an inspiring muse, beyond the boundaries of time and space.
A precious gem for plant and art craft enthusiasts: the possibility to purchase what is proposed from the exhibitors, by contacting them directly from the website.
At the moment there are already over 120 exhibitors who have signed up, and the number is constantly updated.
“Technology has made great strides and Orticolario is experimenting with an innovative platform never used in similar events - says Moritz Mantero, president of Orticolario. The Origin is an international showcase that appears in October and will not stop. In fact, it will continue in the course of the seasons in a virtual version
like the garden, always on the move ".
The intent of the organizers is to make Orticolario The Origin a living and constantly evolving space, a schedule that month after month will be enriched with content, with a show and an interactive workshop for children also scheduled.



Technology. Orticolario The Origin is based on Matterport technology, a
3D platform on which a scanned mapping path is developed. A pioneering project for the experimental potential of 3D mapping, still little used in such extensive outdoor environments. This is a real first time, and the numbers speak for themselves: 1,247 scans carried out and 23,000 m2 mapped. It should be noted that the 3D Virtual Tour is inserted and visible in geolocation on Google Maps, therefore the mapped tour (Google Street View) appears at each targeted search - territorial and international. “To map we used a scanner adopted mainly in the real estate, commercial and cultural sectors - comments Tiziano Pedrazzoli of Tievent, creator of the project. We have dared to use it for large outdoor spaces, taking it to the limit of our possibilities by making use of very advanced Leica technology to obtain perfect micrometric alignment. With The Origin we do not aim exclusively at the technological outcome, but above all at the artistic and emotional one ".
The experiences and activities proposed in Orticolario The Origin are possible thanks to the Amici di Orticolario Fund, which every year also donates contributions to social projects of five associations in the Larian area, actively involved in the realization of the event.
The project is carried out with the support of Mantero Seta and with the contribution of Elmec Solar and Ethimo. He has also obtained the patronage of the Como-Lecco Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality of Como, the Municipality of Cernobbio and the Province of Como. And the Lombardy Region has sponsored and recognized Orticolario as an international event. Finally, the collaboration with
FAI - Italian Environment Fund.


Orticolario, now in its twelfth edition, is the cultural event dedicated to those who experience nature as a lifestyle. Theater of the event is the botanical park of Villa Erba in Cernobbio (CO), a nineteenth-century residence overlooking the shores of Lake Como, the summer residence of the director Luchino Visconti. Essenza di Orticolario: the thematic gardens set up in the park, inspired by the theme of the year and selected through the international competition "Creative Spaces". The title of the 2020 edition is “Hypnotic”, the theme is “Seduction”, while the main plant is Maple. The event, which in 2019

touched the 30,000 mark visitors, is enriched by a wide range of rare, unusual and collectible plants, artistic craftsmanship and design with more than 290 rigorously selected exhibitors, a full calendar of meetings and numerous didactic-creative workshops for children, performances, film screenings in the dungeons of the Villa Antica and floral shows. At the center of the exhibition, art, capable of going beyond and breaking down the boundaries between inside and outside.
During the three days of the event and for the rest of the year, contributions are collected for the Amici di Orticolario Fund, which supports projects for the promotion of landscape culture and for five charitable associations in the area.
This year, due to a health emergency, the event becomes Orticolario The Origin: a new, virtual and continuous form, but always a "forge" of languages, wits and talents, an experience of the landscape and for the landscape. Hence, Orticolario all year round, accessible to a wider and international audience. And the numbers hence the new
part of the project are more than generous: in 2019 the orticolario.it website recorded about 347,000 pages viewed, social networks (between Facebook and Instagram) exceeded 22,00 followers, the YouTube channel got almost 105,000 views, while the newsletter has over 17,700 subscribers.


Orticolario The Origin: october 15, 2020

Orticolario 2021: October 1-3 Villa Erba, Cernobbio (CO), Como Lake

Info visitors: tel. +39 031 3347503, mail: info@orticolario.it

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