Come scegliere l'albero giusto per il proprio giardino
come fare · 16. settembre 2021
Scegliere un albero per il proprio giardino si rivela spesso una decisione difficile importante perchè un albero, si sa, non solo è un elemento fondamentale dal punto di vista estetico, ma quasi sempre diventa un qualcosa di molto longevo nel tempo che potrebbe durare più della vita stessa della casa e dell'uomo che la abita.
5-10 September 2021: dOT- design Outdoor Taste in Milan
events and floral park · 04. settembre 2021
Outdoor living finds its exceptional showcase in the beating heart of the Brera Design District. With dOT, the churchyard and the cloister of St. Marco's Basilica are transformed into a fascinating urban garden that develops the theme of travel, creating four exceptional settings. Between pieces by the author and fascinating atmospheres. Under the banner of green spaces and outdoor design & living.

Jacobaea leucophylla: the flower with decongestant properties
flowers · 04. settembre 2021
When we talk about Jacobaea Leucophylla we usually refer to a variety belonging to the dicotyledonous spermatophytes, of the Asteraceae family. The appearance is quite common, since they are ebaceae characterized by a yellow flower similar to the daisy that blooms annually and grows spontaneously without the need for special precautions.
Myths, legends and cultivation of the onopordum Illyricum
Plants · 04. settembre 2021
The onopordo Maggiore has a very similar appearance to the Cardo, with large and robust leaves at the base in rosette; it is characterized by an erect scape covered with a white fluff. The flowers arrive during the summer season and are pink in color. The fruit of this plant is a cypsela that has furrows that develop transversely and has a bristly pappus.

Color the terrace or garden with pale tradescantia
Plants · 04. settembre 2021
If you have just purchased a plant that can withstand whatever adversity it is subjected to, then it is probably a plant belonging to the Tradescantia genus, which includes as many as seventy-five types of plants.
Kalanchoe tetraphylla: the plant of good wishes and a new beginning
Plants · 04. settembre 2021
Kalankoe Tetraphylla, commonly known by the name Calancola, is an ornamental succulent plant with an incredible ornamental effect. It is an indoor plant that boasts colorful and colorful flowers, which make it very decorative indeed. Let's see together everything there is to know about this plant.

Arum italicum (light cigaro): the plant that drives away evil spirits
Plants · 04. settembre 2021
n botany it is known by the name Arum Italicum, although this plant is commonly called wild calla or gigaro. We are talking about a poisonous herbaceous plant that is not rarely used as an ornament both in the garden and in pots. Let's see together everything there is to know about this particular plant.
All you need to know about Tulbaghia violacea
flowers · 04. settembre 2021
Native to South Africa, Tulbaghia violacea is a rustic plant with a bushy habit. The plant belongs to the Alliaceae family and is very similar to chives and garlic. Its leaves are narrow and long, its flowers are purple and small in size. Both the stems and the leaves are also used in cooking and its particularly strong aroma can be used as a substitute for garlic.

Facelia: the flower symbol of harmony and courage
flowers · 04. settembre 2021
Plant also used for ornamental purposes, Facelia is particularly suitable for fertilizing the soil and for the production of honey. in this article we will go into specific detail on all aspects of this beautiful plant.
Sambuco: la pianta dai poteri magici
fiori · 04. settembre 2021
Vi siete mai chiesti quali siano le caratteristiche principali, i metodi di coltivazione e le malattie tipiche del fiore di sambuco? In questo articolo vedremo questo e molte altre informazioni che potrebbero tornarvi utili.

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