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events and floral park · 06. dicembre 2019
At the end of the 1930s, when the Côte d'Azur saw the end of the "Belle Epoque" and, with it, the decline of the rich winter stays on the Mediterranean coasts, the common center of Menton wanted to react and conquer a new clientele, enter into a new tourist era. So, to stand out, Menton staked everything on what had made him famous for centuries, his golden fruit, the famous lemon of Menton. Thus the first Ci-tron® party was born.
events and floral park · 02. dicembre 2018
For 86 years Menton has been celebrating his love for lemon with this unique and unmissable event. Incredible buildings, intense colors, enchanted nights and blue skies to outline will give life to "the fantastic worlds", the theme chosen for this year, which will extend between the days of March 16th until February 3rd 2019.

Plants · 30. settembre 2018
The lemon tree has its roots in ancient China, the country par excellence as far as the cultivation of these wonderful fruit trees is concerned. The specimen belonging to the eucharistic domain has also enjoyed considerable success among the ancient Roman populations, which took as their object the realization of the wonderful frescoes on the most important monuments in Pompeii and Carthage.
events and floral park · 28. ottobre 2017
We are already at the 85th edition of Lemon Festival, yet every year we are still enchanted by the incredible "works" made with lemons and oranges in this delightful little town overlooking the Côte d'Azur.

30. gennaio 2017
(pictures by tourism office of Menton)
27. luglio 2016
Più o When summer starts, the mosquito problem becomes commonplace, especially in big cities, in the places where there are standing water and high humidity. In addition to traditional chemical methods exist, however, many natural methods that can help us get rid or even to keep away these pesky insects are committed to making our nights unbearable. Some aromatic herbs, for example, can help to disorient with their intense fragrance mosquitoes. But let's see what they are and why: