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events and floral park · 11. ottobre 2017
A dive in the past on a romantic day welcomed by the beautiful weather that, at Parco Giardino Sigurtà , gave birth to the colors of autumn and parade of carriages of the nineteenth century on a day that for the second consecutive year saw a large presence of enthusiastic public at the idea of admiring not only the beauty of the Parco Giardino during its seasonal evolution, but also the traditional clothes, costumes and traditional dances of the nineteenth century.
events and floral park · 10. ottobre 2017
On March 22nd, 2018, Keukenhof park reopened to the public, which, after the extraordinary success of last year, can celebrate its sixty-seven edition! No wonder that in 2017 more than a million visitors from all over the world came to Holland to admire one of the most amazing floral shows on the planet, confirming once again how much the park is important for local and Dutch tourism.

01. ottobre 2017
PTo celebrate the ninetieth anniversary, Villa Carlotta hosts "The colors of the forest, flowers and herbs in the herbarium Fabani", an unmissable exhibition that tells and describes the existing species in the undergrowth territory and foothills areas of the Province of Como, through a collection of plants and flowers collected between 1907 and 1938 by physician Giuseppe Fabani in the territory of Como, Valtellina and Switzerland.
28. settembre 2017
One of the few examples of Anglo-Mediterranean park preservatosi over time, to Villa della Pergola, from the second half of the nineteenth century at the behest of the General McMurdo and Lady Napier wife who wanted to create a winter and spring residence on the Riviera.

10. settembre 2017
Also back this year to bloom - it must be said- the festival of plants and gardens overseas: Harborea 2017. For the seventh year in a row, the Livorno event will give all visitors an explosion of colors and of flavors, plants, flowers, vegetables, spices of all kinds up to organic food products.
20. maggio 2017
If you love nature, greenery and outdoor spaces, you will not be able to invade the prestigious Kew Gardens in London. The gardens, extending over a hundred and twenty acres of grassy surface, nowadays host over 40,000 species of shrubs. The original structure of the Kew Gardens dates back to 1650. It is in this precise historical period that the mighty Lord Capel of Tewkesbury began building the complex.

04. aprile 2017
This year Orticola brings a breath of nature, color, fragrance and beauty in Milan. the resale of tickets are already open for the exhibition / market, which will be held May 5 to 7, and that will see the best nurserymen and gardening experts present their most beautiful plants. The exhibition will be staged at the Indro Montanelli Gardens and the proceeds will go to cultural, social and aggregating acts to preserve and safeguard the national and local flora.
03. settembre 2016
A thank you to Miranda de Vries for the photos and information that we have allowed to realize this article

Travels and flowers · 27. luglio 2016
It's a large gray sky to greet us upon our arrival and the strong westerly wind blows away the first signs of spring in recent days. The colored fields of tulips we expected to find are, however, 24 hours of waiting, the time that a warm sun will face off in the clouds and begin to illuminate the Keukenhof garden.
26. luglio 2016
Special thanks to Roberta Gueli, the press office of the Park, for providing us with information and beautiful photos necessary to the drafting of this article.