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Plants · 04. ottobre 2020
Hostas are herbaceous plants consisting of a decorative design, classified for cultivation in order to embellish borders and flower beds. These plants are native to China and Japan and belong to the Liliaceae family, also called Agavaceae: they are particularly famous for their expanded and dense foliage.
Plants · 02. agosto 2020
Pilea Peperomioides is a plant that was discovered very recently but has become very widespread, thanks to its meaning in the language of the lucky and money plant flowers.

flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
A bulbous plant, cultivated in the garden and capable of giving a rich range of tonal nuances ranging from the brilliance of orange-yellow to the most romantic and vital colors of red. What are we talking about? Crocosmia, also known as Montbretia.
flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
Boronia is a type of plant with flowers and fruits that is used both for ornamental use, given the impressive beauty especially in bloom, and for the properties that are good for the human mind. Of Australian origin, this plant was also introduced in Italy, due to the dazzling color of its star-shaped flowers, which vary in shades of white, pink or fuchsia.

flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
What is the aconithum? Aconithum is a plant that, growing spontaneously in mountain forests, in various locations in Europe and, precisely in the areas most exposed to the cold north winds, is part of the Ranuncolaceae family. This type of vegetation is also present in Italy and is considered one of the most toxic among the many scattered in the mountainous areas of the Alps.
flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
What is Monarda? The monarda is a perennial herbaceous plant from North America that, being part of the Lamiaceae family, is cultivated both to decorate the gardens or other where it is located, thanks to the beauty of its very fragrant flowers, and to the beneficial effects of its leaves . The vegetation in question, known as the flower of the Bergamot, manages to reach about one meter in height and in a short time

flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
Everyone knows the classic red poppy that surrounds our Italian countryside, but how many can say they know the yellow horned poppy? This particular type of poppy, can be defined a marine flower due to its predilection to grow in sea areas. But let's try to get to know this poppy with a curious name but a special charm.
flowers · 05. dicembre 2019
If you are here it is because walking in a park or in the neighbor's garden you have noticed this plant, the Echium, and it was love at first sight that you decided to plant it in the garden, but first you want to know more about its characteristics main. This is the right place, in fact we will try to investigate first and foremost its main characteristics and then its cultivation methods, etc. Well let's start.

Plants · 28. luglio 2019
The Acacia of Constantinople, thanks to its thick foliage and its flowers that appear to be feathered, is the perfect plant for those who want to beautify parks and gardens whether they are in the city or near the coast.
Plants · 05. gennaio 2019
Among the numerous evergreen climbing plants there is the Akebia with its Quinata variety with a pinkish color and purple hues. The plant has oriental origins: China, Japan and Korea; it has thin and flexible stems with small palmate leaves composed of five leaflets.

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