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flowers · 14. aprile 2019
Dopo 4 anni dalla fondazione del sito, ci è sembrato bello non limitarci solamente a scattare qualche foto col cellulare o, se non disponibili, a cercare immagini condivisibili sul web da poter allegare ad articoli vari. E' iniziato così un periodo in cui proveremo a proporre su questa pagina le nostre immagini più belle,
Plants · 04. settembre 2018
Bromelia is a beautiful plant belonging to the Bromeliaceae family. It is a houseplant very popular in recent years for its lush leaves and its beautiful flowers.
Plants · 04. settembre 2018
Evergreen plant of the tropical areas of Asia and Africa, the Coleus is a very common plant in the apartment where it reaches about 50 cm in height, although some specimens also reach the meter, is renowned for its oval, heart-shaped leaves or lanceolate, with smooth or serrated edges, of different colors combined, among them red, yellow, orange, green and white.
events and floral park · 11. ottobre 2017
A dive in the past on a romantic day welcomed by the beautiful weather that, at Parco Giardino Sigurtà , gave birth to the colors of autumn and parade of carriages of the nineteenth century on a day that for the second consecutive year saw a large presence of enthusiastic public at the idea of admiring not only the beauty of the Parco Giardino during its seasonal evolution, but also the traditional clothes, costumes and traditional dances of the nineteenth century.
01. giugno 2017
Unlike what many think, wisteria is not a tree, but a beautiful ornamental plant that, if well groomed, can reach important dimensions until it looks like a real tree.
01. giugno 2017
Honeysuckle is a plant from Asia and the Northern Hemisphere that is part of the nutritious family of Caprifoliaceae. It is defined as honeysuckle because it has the characteristic to climb even in impersonal places, to such an extent as to suggest the image of goats falling along the hips of the hills.
26. aprile 2017
Of tropical origin, symbol of sympathy and adapts both to the home and garden, begonia is a pleasing flower to the sight that helps to beautify and decorate the environment in which it is placed every season of the year.
31. marzo 2017
Main features Candid as snow and the sweet perfume, the flowers of Magnolia announce the arrival of spring. At the end of March, gladden gardens and lawns with a bloom that can last until the arrival of the winter season. The Magnolia is a plant native of Southeast Asia and North America, where they have been well cataloged 80 species. It loves the wetlands, almost swampy, and grows well at sea, albeit with a less rich foliage. It is a tree that can reach 25 meters in height and, in a careful...
30. gennaio 2017
(pictures by tourism office of Menton)