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How to do · 07. giugno 2020
If you are thinking of planting and growing an aromatic plant, then the Moroccan mint must not be missing. Its leaves, if rubbed, are extremely fragrant and their aroma is strong, fresh and pleasant. So it is a real must have of the gardenggio.
flowers · 07. giugno 2020
If you love Malvaceae, you will almost certainly know the Abutilon and its articulated blooms: its name has Arabic origins and means, precisely, "Indian Malva". Despite this, its origins are to be found elsewhere and precisely in South America, the place from which this evergreen shrub spread all over the world.

Plants · 07. giugno 2020
Among the shrub-like perennials, one cannot fail to mention the privet which is mainly cultivated for ornamental purposes and to create hedges. This plant is native to Australia, but also to central and southern Europe and the northern part of Africa. In Italy it grows spontaneously and it is easy to find it almost everywhere.
flowers · 07. giugno 2020
One of the most beautiful perennial plants is definitely Brunfelsia, originating in western India and tropical America, spread spontaneously mainly in Brazil. This plant is also known in other parts of the world and is particular as they have called it in the Anglo-Saxon countries, or "Yesterday, today, tommorow" because of its abundant flowering.

flowers · 28. aprile 2020
The easy-to-grow Iberis plants originally come from southern Europe, in areas bordering the Mediterranean coast. Depending on the specific cultivars, they can tolerate a little shade but bloom fully only when well exposed to the sun.
flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
A bulbous plant, cultivated in the garden and capable of giving a rich range of tonal nuances ranging from the brilliance of orange-yellow to the most romantic and vital colors of red. What are we talking about? Crocosmia, also known as Montbretia.

flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
Boronia is a type of plant with flowers and fruits that is used both for ornamental use, given the impressive beauty especially in bloom, and for the properties that are good for the human mind. Of Australian origin, this plant was also introduced in Italy, due to the dazzling color of its star-shaped flowers, which vary in shades of white, pink or fuchsia.
flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
Everyone knows the classic red poppy that surrounds our Italian countryside, but how many can say they know the yellow horned poppy? This particular type of poppy, can be defined a marine flower due to its predilection to grow in sea areas. But let's try to get to know this poppy with a curious name but a special charm.

flowers · 05. dicembre 2019
If you are here it is because walking in a park or in the neighbor's garden you have noticed this plant, the Echium, and it was love at first sight that you decided to plant it in the garden, but first you want to know more about its characteristics main. This is the right place, in fact we will try to investigate first and foremost its main characteristics and then its cultivation methods, etc. Well let's start.
Plants · 28. luglio 2019
Zingiber spectabile is a perennial herbaceous plant, which can be defined as a true ginger species. The branch of the plant can reach heights from 2 to 3.5 meters, but in optimal conditions it reaches up to 4.5 meters. The green shoots are slightly flattened, swollen at the base and their lower section without leaves is about one meter long. The leaves, arranged in two rows, sit in the lower part very distant, densely crowded towards the upper part of the branch.

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