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events and floral park · 25. febbraio 2020
Cartosio, a small town in the Alto Monferrato that loves the countryside and its fruits, is preparing to celebrate the arrival of spring in the square for the sixth time with a popular and local event and, at the same time, cultured and national to celebrate the art of recognizing, cultivating, pruning, grafting old fruit varieties and cultivating vegetable gardens and gardens.
events and floral park · 07. febbraio 2020
Yougardener Flowers Show reaches its third edition with some confirmations and several novelties. The suggestive park of over 8 hectares of Villa Craven di Seyssel d'Aix in Varese will always be the backdrop for the market exhibition of plants and flowers, the eighteenth-century residence designed by the architect Giuseppe Bianchi in the heart of the Garden City, exceptionally open to the public .
events and floral park · 29. gennaio 2020
The appointment on the walls of Lucca returns with the arrival of April with gardening and proposals for outdoor life. The VerdeMura market exhibition confirms its format for the thirteenth time winning: a fresh relaxed atmosphere that enhances the sweetness of spring, all the national novelties of plants and furnishings in the approximately 200 exhibition stands, some cultural moments with book and conference news, a green walk in one of the most unique public parks in Italy
flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
Arnica is a herbaceous plant which, belonging to the Composite family, develops spontaneously in the Alpine and pre-Alpine regions, such as in the Dolomites, in the Trentino Alps, in the Stelvio National Park and in other places comparable in climate and soil to these quoted.
flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
What is the aconithum? Aconithum is a plant that, growing spontaneously in mountain forests, in various locations in Europe and, precisely in the areas most exposed to the cold north winds, is part of the Ranuncolaceae family. This type of vegetation is also present in Italy and is considered one of the most toxic among the many scattered in the mountainous areas of the Alps.
flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
Everyone knows the classic red poppy that surrounds our Italian countryside, but how many can say they know the yellow horned poppy? This particular type of poppy, can be defined a marine flower due to its predilection to grow in sea areas. But let's try to get to know this poppy with a curious name but a special charm.
events and floral park · 06. ottobre 2019
A beautiful sun and a mild climate have been the backdrop to this truly unique and colorful 2019 edition. Arriving at the gates of Villa Erba, the astonishing number of people heading towards the entrances to Orticolario are immediately surprised: many children ordered and grouped cheer up the environment, while many people of all ages admire the lake and the stalls full of every kind of plant , flower but also food product from every corner of the country.
events and floral park · 01. settembre 2019
Perugia Flower Show,a market show of rare and unusual plants, also this year returns with its autumn appointment on 21 and 22 September 2019 in the splendid setting of the Frontone Gardens, in Borgo XX Giugno in Perugia.
Plants · 28. luglio 2019
Native to Africa and highly appreciated for its ornamental role, Impatiens niamniamensis is characterized by a rather long flowering period. A peculiarity of this species, which belongs to the Balsaminaceae family, consists in the particular shape of the flowers: the latter recall, in appearance, that of the beak of the parrots.
flowers · 28. luglio 2019
Originally from South America, Brownea grandiceps is also known as "rose of Venezuela". Today it is grown as an ornamental tree in tropical gardens, although its natural habitat is the Amazon forest. If you want to learn more about this fascinating and exotic tree, read on.

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