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events and floral park · 06. ottobre 2019
A beautiful sun and a mild climate have been the backdrop to this truly unique and colorful 2019 edition. Arriving at the gates of Villa Erba, the astonishing number of people heading towards the entrances to Orticolario are immediately surprised: many children ordered and grouped cheer up the environment, while many people of all ages admire the lake and the stalls full of every kind of plant , flower but also food product from every corner of the country.
events and floral park · 01. settembre 2019
Perugia Flower Show,a market show of rare and unusual plants, also this year returns with its autumn appointment on 21 and 22 September 2019 in the splendid setting of the Frontone Gardens, in Borgo XX Giugno in Perugia.
Plants · 28. luglio 2019
Native to Africa and highly appreciated for its ornamental role, Impatiens niamniamensis is characterized by a rather long flowering period. A peculiarity of this species, which belongs to the Balsaminaceae family, consists in the particular shape of the flowers: the latter recall, in appearance, that of the beak of the parrots.
flowers · 28. luglio 2019
Originally from South America, Brownea grandiceps is also known as "rose of Venezuela". Today it is grown as an ornamental tree in tropical gardens, although its natural habitat is the Amazon forest. If you want to learn more about this fascinating and exotic tree, read on.
flowers · 28. luglio 2019
One of the most colorful and beautiful flowers to embellish and decorate your terrace or garden is the hibiscus. There are numerous species of this beautiful flower, including Hibiscus schizopetalus, a delicate and particular species. Let's find out in detail everything there is to know about this peculiar plant.
flowers · 28. luglio 2019
A herbaceous and perennial plant, Coreopsis Tinctoria appears to be of American origin (Canada, the United States and Mexico) and, recently, it has also found widespread use in China. It is characterized by the presence of thin stems and dark green leaves. From the yellow flowers that resemble daisies with broken petals, a mahogany red pigment used for dyeing wool was extracted.
flowers · 28. luglio 2019
Among the most scenic plants of the botanical landscape there is undoubtedly the Caesalpinia Gilliesii, otherwise known as the Flower of Paradise. Belonging to the Fabaceae family, it is native to the South American countries of Uruguay and Argentina, as well as abounding in the most tropical and warm regions of the planet.
Plants · 28. luglio 2019
Ornamental plant of origin from Central America, Thevetia Peruviana is an evergreen tropical shrub cultivated in areas with mild climates. In areas with very cold winters, in fact, it would not survive the winter and would have to be moved to a greenhouse.
events and floral park · 30. giugno 2019
"Fantasmagoria": this will be the title of the 11th edition of Orticolario to be held, as usual at Villa Erba (Cernobbio, CO) from 4 to 6 October 2019. An event dedicated to travel, berries and berries, which, as every year , will not be missed and indispensable not only for the splendid location in which it is received.
events and floral park · 16. giugno 2019
When you visit a city like Frankfurt, you immediately think of the banks, the skyscrapers, the tall buildings and the great German productivity and organization that is perceived here almost everywhere. If you then come across an equally well maintained and quality botanical garden like this, then a visit to this city is more than justified.

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