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Gardening · 28. novembre 2017
Taoism is a philosophy applicable to all aspects of life that finds its roots in times we do not know. It is from this doctrine that the Feng Shui is born, an oriental discipline that bases its existence on the importance and strength of nature. The term Feng Shui could be translated as Wind and Water, fundamental elements in the natural world that are related to each other and suggest a wider reading and interpretation of the environment around us.
Gardening · 05. giugno 2017
When you have to design a new garden or think about reshaping that "old", you often have a lot of doubts about the use and style. A green space, small or large, can be used in many ways, especially if family members have particularies needs: whether or not the vegetable garden, the type of furniture, the forms or the presence of pets can be elements Essential that will fundamentally change the shape and purpose of our garden

21. gennaio 2017
Our home is the environment where we spend much of our days. Have around us the discreet company of plants and flowers, arranged in the right way, in addition to making our domestic spaces a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, the house also makes it healthier. In fact, decorate the rooms of the house with flowers and plants can become definitely a fun practice and a way to live better, especially if we care to do so eco friendly. With a little imagination and dexterity, and by using recycled...