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Plants · 07. giugno 2020
Among the shrub-like perennials, one cannot fail to mention the privet which is mainly cultivated for ornamental purposes and to create hedges. This plant is native to Australia, but also to central and southern Europe and the northern part of Africa. In Italy it grows spontaneously and it is easy to find it almost everywhere.
flowers · 14. aprile 2019
Dopo 4 anni dalla fondazione del sito, ci è sembrato bello non limitarci solamente a scattare qualche foto col cellulare o, se non disponibili, a cercare immagini condivisibili sul web da poter allegare ad articoli vari. E' iniziato così un periodo in cui proveremo a proporre su questa pagina le nostre immagini più belle,

events and floral park · 25. novembre 2018
On 21 March 2019, Keukenhof will be opening its gates for the 70th time. When it closes eight weeks later, some 1 million visitors from across the world will have visited the international flower exhibition. As such, Keukenhof makes a contribution to tourism in the Netherlands. One hundred bulb growers will supply bulbs to the park and 500 growers participate in the flower shows.
How to do · 18. ottobre 2018
Winter is coming: if you are passionate about the Iron Throne, as well as gardening, you will surely have picked up the quote. But readers of George R. R. Martini or not, surely, you will know that the cold season is almost upon us. For this reason you have to prepare your garden and protect it, along with furniture, tools and furnishings, in view of the cold season.

How to do · 21. settembre 2018
Noise pollution is becoming an increasing problem over time so that even those who own a garden often can not relax and enjoy their space both at home and outdoors due to the noise coming from outside.
Gardening · 12. ottobre 2017
Originally from South Africa and famous for being considered the African lily, Agapanto is an exceptional perennial plant that is able to give a blossoming effect throughout the summer.

events and floral park · 11. ottobre 2017
A dive in the past on a romantic day welcomed by the beautiful weather that, at Parco Giardino Sigurtà , gave birth to the colors of autumn and parade of carriages of the nineteenth century on a day that for the second consecutive year saw a large presence of enthusiastic public at the idea of admiring not only the beauty of the Parco Giardino during its seasonal evolution, but also the traditional clothes, costumes and traditional dances of the nineteenth century.
events and floral park · 10. ottobre 2017
On March 22nd, 2018, Keukenhof park reopened to the public, which, after the extraordinary success of last year, can celebrate its sixty-seven edition! No wonder that in 2017 more than a million visitors from all over the world came to Holland to admire one of the most amazing floral shows on the planet, confirming once again how much the park is important for local and Dutch tourism.

How to do · 06. ottobre 2017
It happens often, especially in spring, to wake up, listening from the nearby trees or from the under-roofs, the chirping of so many birds that populate our territory. Those who have a garden know how useful the berries and small insects for the life of birds like sparrows, sparrows, hummingbirds, who each day pass and eat in abundance nurturing the little things in nature. But would not it be nice to have them as guests without force keeping them imprisoned in some cage? Here are some tips to a
01. ottobre 2017
The generations before ours have taught us that coffee pots can be excellent natural fertilizers for garden and home plants and that, often what could be considered a waste, is actually an excellent product of reuse.

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