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events and floral park · 16. giugno 2019
When you visit a city like Frankfurt, you immediately think of the banks, the skyscrapers, the tall buildings and the great German productivity and organization that is perceived here almost everywhere. If you then come across an equally well maintained and quality botanical garden like this, then a visit to this city is more than justified.
events and floral park · 27. settembre 2018
Manca una settimana alla decima edizione di Orticolario e, tra le incantevoli atmosfere del Lago di Como, potrete entrare a Villa Erba per la tre giorni dedicata al giardinaggio evoluto, quest'anno ricchissimo di appuntamenti imperdibili. "Si salvia chi può" sarà il titolo di questa edizione dedicato ad una pianta profumatissima di cui tutti conosciamo le doti: la salvia ovviamente! Il tema dell'evento sarà il gioco.
events and floral park · 02. giugno 2018
MARINA GENOVA AND LIGURIAN GARDENS - The new "Vie del Mare" start from Marina Genova, to discover the most beautiful gardens and parks in Liguria. The project was presented on the occasion of the eleventh edition of Yacht & Garden, which promoted the initiative.
events and floral park · 08. aprile 2018
The day is sunny and the first hot season begins to be felt. Most of the colorful mats that fill the meadows have already flourished while others are eager to show their blooms hidden behind huge green buds. The Parco Giardino Sigurtà awaits us as every year for the day of presentation to the press, with its novelties and its fascinating, unmissable surprises and events.
events and floral park · 07. marzo 2018
Among the main attractions of Hanover the royal gardens of Herrenhause are, with over three hundred years of history behind it, symbol and almost untouched image of the culture and lifestyle of the royal dynasties of Hanover. The complex consists of four gardens with different dimensions and evoked atmospheres in which to get lost: the Großer Garten; the Georgengarten; the Berggarten and the Welfengarten.
events and floral park · 14. febbraio 2018
Anche quest'anno, l'11, il 12 e il 13 maggio, presso gli splendidi giardini Indro Montanelli di Milano, si terrà l'evento florovivaistico Orticola 2018. Sono attesi migliaia di visitatori, ai quali l'Associazione mostrerà i più bei risultati ottenuti in quest'ultimo anno di lavoro. La Mostra ha come scopo principale quello di raccogliere fondi, da destinare alla salvaguardia e alla miglioria del verde e degli spazi naturali cittadini.
events and floral park · 23. gennaio 2018
Also this year Amsteram will open the doors of its private gardens that can be visited and admired by the public during the Weekend of June 15th, 16th and 17th 2018.
Plants · 28. novembre 2017
Millennial Oriental culture has always been a great charm in all of us, from history to art, from writing to figurative arts. Even in the field of plants and flowers, those who do not know the fascinating bonsai art or the beautiful images of cherry blossoms in Japan, so that there is even a term ("hanami") to indicate the admiration of flowers. We all know the art of bonsai, the ability to grow in a small vase, real works of miniature nature, skillfully molded into branches and trunks by the pr
28. settembre 2017
One of the few examples of Anglo-Mediterranean park preservatosi over time, to Villa della Pergola, from the second half of the nineteenth century at the behest of the General McMurdo and Lady Napier wife who wanted to create a winter and spring residence on the Riviera.
20. maggio 2017
Imagine being able to visit an immense garden located at the foot of a dream palace. This incredible place really exists and is located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. We are talking about the Jardines Generalife, which were built during the reign of Mohammed III around 1300.

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