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flowers · 28. luglio 2019
One of the most colorful and beautiful flowers to embellish and decorate your terrace or garden is the hibiscus. There are numerous species of this beautiful flower, including Hibiscus schizopetalus, a delicate and particular species. Let's find out in detail everything there is to know about this peculiar plant.
Travels and flowers · 08. luglio 2018
Rich in history, culture, good food and lots of beaches, the Greek islands are besieged every year by millions of tourists looking for sun, sea, good food and a holiday worthy of the name. For us, which in addition to the long days of sea and sun, we also love exploring the territory in search of novelty, discovering a true open-air botanical garden was an immense joy.

04. settembre 2016
The passion flower is undoubtedly one of the most eccentric flowers in nature which, among other things, it also has benefits in herbal medicine level. From whatever corner is photographed, will surprise
29. agosto 2016
There is a place, not far from here, in which the spring and the blooms arrive at least one month in advance of the rest of Europe. The flowers and street furniture are handled according to the colors and the many blooms that nature gives almost all year. In a weekend of February, we chose to pay a visit to this warm place, and only 2 hours flying time from us to enjoy the spring and the colors of flowers as early as February!

23. luglio 2016
This is one of the most beautiful and colorful flowers in the world but its care and its growth are very much related to the climatic factor, so that the heat and the sun can not miss if you want to have wonderful in your garden or terrace. But more than its cultivation, we want to talk about tradition that binds this beautiful flower to the lands in which "lives", because often the symbol and the meanings that can represent are much more attractive than traditional laws that nature requires...